Selling Content Creation Through SPP

We created Service Provider PRO with agency success in mind. From streamlining processes to encouraging more sales, SPP contributes to positive agency progression. Today, we continue building upon our product — with all of our updates readily available on our Product Updates page.

Content agencies, in particular, are benefiting from operating with the processes, automation, and technology SPP puts in place. In this case example, we’ll dive into the SPP features content agencies are using to sell more and reduce churn.

Types of content creation services

SPP gives content agencies the ability to sell productized services in a few ways.

As you add a service you’re offering, you can choose whether you’d like to offer a One-time service or a Recurring service. For a One-time service, the service variants feature gives you the ability to create and offer your clients different word count packages with ease. 

As you can see, adding variant pricing is a simple process that streamlines productized service creation. Creating the word count packages above takes less than a minute, making SPP highly efficient at creating a list of word count package offerings.

If your agency is offering a Recurring service, SPP facilitates monthly, bi-monthly, and weekly post offerings as well. Again, you’ll use service variants for word count options (1,000 words, 2,500 words, 5,000 words).

You’ll also decide how many orders the client can make during each period.

For example, if you’d like your client to submit content ideas each week, you can set SPP to let them request up to 4 orders per month. This ensures your client can provide their details in an order (data) form weekly, monthly, or within whichever time frame suits your agency.

If your client only needs to approve ideas each week, we recommend setting the recurring service to create 4 new orders per month. Then, you’ll have your team send a message including the topics/ideas/outlines for the week.

You can add a custom status titled “Waiting for approval” for this step in the process as well. Once your client approves the order, you’ll change the status to “Working.” Or there’s always the option to use a Zapier to automate this change.

Pricing content creation services & offering more value

SPP also helps with heightening the perceived value of content creation.

Charging by the word is devalues the content your agency is creating. This form of charging makes it difficult for clients to decide how many words they should buy. With SPP, content agencies are simplifying the decision to buy.

With SPP, you can create pricing tiers. Whether you’re offering blog articles, long-form content, ebooks, or something else, these pricing tiers show the value your clients are receiving for the price. You’re selling value as opposed to a number of words, and this value is easier to sell.

Adding value doesn’t stop with pricing tiers; you can offer additional services in your order forms as well. For example, some content agencies are offering custom graphics as an add-on service. And this is something you can set up in SPP.

To add a custom graphics add-on to your order form, you’ll start by adding a Custom Graphics service using the Services tab. Make sure to add all of the pricing information, variants, and characteristics you’d like this service to feature.

In the Order forms tab, you’ll create an Order form and add the new service as an optional add-on. This process will work for any additional service you’d like to offer your clients. Thus, your order forms can sell more content creation services without much extra effort.

Manually onboarding clients

 SPP also simplifies the onboarding process. For manual onboarding, you’d create a customer account and issue a new invoice manually.

The Invoices tab gives you the ability to create a custom invoice. You’ll search for your client, assign a due date, and add the desired services to the invoice. You can add custom pricing, a discount, and even write a note to the client.

The invoice can have your recurring service as an item, or it can be listed as a custom item. In the case of a recurring service, a subscription will be created in Stripe.

You’ll also have the option to send the client an email notification (without this, the client will see the invoice in their account).

Reducing churn with SPP

One of the most expensive aspects of running a content agency is obtaining new clients. So it only makes sense that reducing churn should be a priority.

Commitment can’t be forced. However, it can be encouraged by offering quarterly and annual discounts. Content agencies using SPP are obtaining more long-term commitments from their clients by providing these options. Here’s how it works:You’ll first create a duplicate of the service by choosing Duplicate from the Actions options next to the service. Adjust the service name, price, and billing period in accord with the discount you want to offer. You’d then create rules in the order form to show and hide annual services based on the checkbox.

Posted by Louis