Articles about growing a productized service business

Looking to Scale Your Agency? Read This First

A physical-product business needs more inventory to scale. A digital-product business needs more traffic. Since there’s more to it than a fixed manufactured (or coded) product, these businesses are harder to manage (and harder to scale).

Launching Productization – Marketing Strategy (Part 3)

If you’ve read the first two articles in this series, you should be well on your way to implementing productization by now. You may have conceptualized your core products and researched technologies you can use to streamline your processes. No longer are you trying to be everything to everyone. You’ve narrowed your focus to your target customer base, and you’re […]

Guide to Productizing Your Services (Part 1)

For service providers like content marketers, SEO and web design agencies, bringing gross profit margins above 40% can become more challenging as they scale. In fact, businesses that sell products achieve much higher gross margins, at 60 to 90%. If you’re a service provider, does that mean you’re in the wrong industry? Not at all. By joining the growing wave […]

The Only 2 Things Your Business Needs

There are a million things you could focus on – customer acquisition, retention, sales, marketing, hiring, accounting, technology – the list goes on and on. But at the end of the day, you only need two things to stay in business…

How Too Many Features Can Ruin a Great Product

Have you ever been excited to try a piece of software that seemed to offer so many great tools in one place… only to discover it’s unusable in real life? I had that experience when looking for a new live chat solution. Promising apps with many great features turned out to be nearly impossible to use and riddled with issues. From […]

Building a Business That Can Grow Without You

Being ankle-chained to your computer sucks. Here’s how to build a business that can prosper without you. Many profitable services started as one-man freelancing or consulting shops. This is great because you get to learn about the needs of your market and how to serve them. You also don’t need a big starting capital to immediately hire a team. Transitioning out of that freelancer […]

Productizing Your Way to a Predictable Income

An email popped up in my inbox a few days ago. It was from Uber, announcing its new upfront pricing scheme. Now you can know the exact cost of the trip before ordering. That’s when I asked myself, “Could it get any better than that?”

Automating Your Productized Services (Part 2)

While productization often relies on technology and processes, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to create fully automated services that require no attention on your part. Much of your products’ value will still come from the high-level skill you and your team bring to each project. That means your employees probably aren’t about to lose their jobs to robots anytime […]

The Productized Service Success Formula

With so many productized service businesses using our software I think we have a pretty good idea of what makes some of them successful while others go out of business just a few months into their subscription. It boils down to a combination of four things: Productized Service Success = Your Market + Your Services + Your Systems + Your […]

Designing The Client Experience For Your Services

When I had the idea to build a tool for selling productized services I knew the user experience had to be great – both for our customers and, more importantly, for their clients. After all, if we’re going to be handling the checkout flow, it has to be optimized for maximum conversions. Now, unlike a traditional services model where you’re dealing […]

Software For Selling Productized Services

If you’re using a standard project management app, an online form builder, or even a simple google doc to manage your business, you know how none of these tools were really made for selling productized services. Having been in the productized service business myself, I know frustrating it can be to cobble together various applications just to get the “perfect” workflow for handling project work. I […]

5 Growth Hacks For Selling Productized Services

Check out these 5 actionable growth hacks for getting more clients, increasing customer lifetime value and growing your service business. There’s a ton of advice online on “growth hacking” for software companies, so we thought we’d share some growth hacks that work for service based businesses.