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January 20th, 2022

🟒 Custom Ticket Statuses [v3]


Similar to order statuses, you can now create your own ticket statuses to build a workflow that fits your needs.

December 24th, 2021

🀩 Satisfaction Ratings [v3]


Enable ticket ratings to let clients rate the responses they have received from your team (coming soon to orders).

January update: ratings are available in orders, too.

November 3rd, 2021

πŸŽ‰ V3 Is Live On New Workspaces


We've overhauled SPP from the ground-up to make it faster and more resilient. There are no breaking changes and the user-facing part of the application remains the same. News on migration for existing workspaces to follow πŸš€

November 2nd, 2021

βœ… New Client Portal Onboarding Page


People have been asking for an onboarding page to show to clients in their portal. We've made that available to you to customize as you'd like. Here's how it works.

November 1st, 2021

πŸ‘·β€β™€οΈ Customer Avatars In Client View


Click the dots menu > Customize above your clients list and enable the Avatars column. This setting is user specific so each team member can choose what they see.

October 21st, 2021

πŸ‘Œ Quality of Life Updates

  • You can now filter orders by client
  • Export now includes order tags
  • New option to download all intake form files as a zip
  • New webhook notification type for order updates. Because people are building on top of SPP and we love to support that

October 20th, 2021

πŸ–‡ Improved File Upload Fields


We've redesigned file input fields make your forms look nicer and make uploading files drag and drop simple.

September 20th, 2021

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Combine Commission Types


In your commission settings choose which affiliates are on a recurring commission and who gets one-time credit.

September 18th, 2021

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Rich Text in Service Descriptions


Add links and styles to your service descriptions without writing code.

September 18th, 2021

πŸ“… Easier Invoice Due Date Selection


Set a 14/30/60 day due date on invoices with a dropdown (no more counting days by hand).

August 8th, 2021

πŸ”— Updated Affiliate Module


Your clients/affiliates will see who signed up from their link and who purchased something. On the admin side, there's a new button for filtering sales by user and date.

August 7th, 2021

🀝 Improved Client Teams


With client-side teams, all members can now place requests and not just team owners.

August 6th, 2021

πŸ“Š New Reports


The assigned orders report lets you see how many orders of each status are assigned to a team member at this time. It's useful for gauging the workload of your team.

The other addition is the New Revenue stat in the admin dashboard – it's revenue from clients created in the selected period.

August 5th, 2021

🧾 Price Variants in Custom Invoices


When adding an invoice manually you can now select a specific price variant of a service.

July 5th, 2021

πŸ” 2FA for Team Members


Secure your team's accounts with two-factor authentication using the Google Authenticator app.

June 4th, 2021

🀝 Assign Orders via Zapier


Whille you can choose which services get assigned to which team members, this new action lets you set up more granular rules and workflows in Zapier.

May 4th, 2021

βœ… Task Management


Set up a checklist for your services so your team can follow it as they work on orders. If there are tasks specific to one order you can of course modify them in the order.

Previously to do tasks you'd have to use Zapier to connect an app like Trello. Which is fine if you need all the features Trello provides, but the integration can get messy. That's why we decided to build a simple task management feature inside SPP.

April 4th, 2021

πŸ“„ Shareable Invoices


Grab a public sharing link for any invoice and let your clients forward receipts to accounting without needing a login.

April 3rd, 2021

🀝 Personalized Referral Links


Personalize referral links with the affiliate's name, for example

April 2nd, 2021

πŸš„ Quick Copy


Quickly copy a user's email or subscription ID simply by pressing on it!

April 1st, 2021

πŸ†’ Edit Available Requests


You can now give your customers more requests easily by editing their order.

March 12th, 2021

🀝 Client-Side Teams


Your clients can add coworkers to their team and let them collaborate on orders from the portal and via email.

March 11th, 2021

⚑️ Updated Zapier Integration


Two new Triggers and Actions: Zaps for New Invoices and Invoices Paid as well as triggers for order status change and tags added.

February 11th, 2021

πŸ’΅ Stripe ACH Payments


If you're based in the US, you can now have your clients pay via the ACH bank transfer.

January 25th, 2021

😎 New Client Portal Dashboard


There's a new and improved client dashboard for your clients. It shows their recent orders, active and past due subscriptoins, unpaid invoices, and more.

January 24th, 2021

πŸ‘‰ Bulk Assign


You can now select orders or tickets in bulk and assign them to your team.

January 23rd, 2021

πŸ—ƒ Customizable Order/Client Columns


You can now customize your orders and clients views in admin and select which columns to show.

December 22nd, 2020

πŸ“¬ Updated CCs in Orders


Both you and your clients can CC other people on a per-order basis. Your customers can now keep other stakeholders in the loop, and let them receive and reply to order updates.

December 21st, 2020

⏰ Snooze Tickets


Now you can snooze a ticket and follow up if no reply has been received.

October 7th, 2020

🚨 More Notification Preferences


In your profile you now have way more control over which payment notifications you get and how. These notifications are grouped by Orders, Tickets, and Invoices.

October 6th, 2020

πŸ“ Updated Subscriptions page


A subscription can contain more than one service. You can now see these services in your subscriptions list. You can see customer subscriptions in their account as well (yes, that’s new!).

October 5th, 2020

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» New Assign Menu in Tickets and Orders


Search a team member by name and add or remove them from the order. Press (a) on your keyboard to open the assign menu > start typing to find the user > hit enter to assign or remove them.

September 5th, 2020

πŸ’± Multi-Currency Reports


The revenue dashboard now converts other currencies to the account’s master currency using official ECB rates at the time of payment.

September 4th, 2020

πŸ’¬ Updated Messaging UX


We no longer show the message box in orders - you need to click either Reply to client (shortcut R) or Message team (shortcut N) to reveal the message input. The goal was to help minimize accidental team messages to the customer, especially by new staff members.

September 3rd, 2020

πŸ“ Customizable Orders List


This update unlocks the ability to hide the company name, order number, and any other columns you don’t want to see. Your preferences be saved for the future, even if you log out or log in from a different device.

August 3rd, 2020

πŸ’° Subscription Recovery Page


If a subscription payment fails, your clients can easily update their card and retry the charge from a nice payment management page.

There’s no login which reduces friction and helps you retain more customers.

The link to update a subscription is sent automatically from SPP, although you can also send it manually to anyone who has a Stripe subscription in your portal.

August 2nd, 2020

🏷 New Widgets for Recent Orders, Tickets, and Files


Open any ticket to instantly see other tickets and orders from this user, as well as files posted in this conversation. If you don’t want to see some of these sections just close them and SPP will remember your choice.

There’s also a new account status – it’s called "Contact".

When somebody emails your helpdesk we’ll create an account with that status. If they sign up to your portal they become a "Lead". Finally, when they convert you’ll see them under the "Client" filter. To me it’s proven to be a pretty good flow, let me know if you agree.

August 1st, 2020

⏱ "Waiting Since" in Tickets


Now your tickets list shows how long a customer has been waiting for a reply so you can prioritize who you reply to.

July 1st, 2020

🚨 Real-Time Updates and Notifications

  • Get browser notifications on tickets and orders you're following
  • Instantly see if other team members are looking at a ticket
  • Live page reloads on new messages

June 30th, 2020

πŸ‘‰ Forward Your Support Inbox to SPP


The email forwarding feature is now available to everyone with a custom domain and an up-to-date plan. Bring your support emails into SPP tickets, and have all your incoming and outgoing messages completely white-labeled with your own email.

June 12th, 2020

πŸ₯ New Notification Options and Role Permissions

  • Choose how to get notified when an order or a ticket is assigned to you.
  • Allow your sales team to create and manage their own invoices without seeing everything.

May 13th, 2020

🀝 Quality Of Life Updates

  • Merge support tickets
  • Mark ticket as spam
  • Export project data as PDF
  • Send multiple unpaid invoice reminders
  • Partially paid orders tagged automatically

May 12th, 2020

πŸŽ› Quick Status Changer in Tickets


Reply to a customer and set the ticket status to closed with one click.

May 11th, 2020

⌨ Text Editor Improvements


Embed inline images, more formatting options, sticky menu for composing long messages.

May 4th, 2020

πŸ‘‘ Helpdesk Support Widget


You can now embed any of your contact forms from the Helpdesk module as a neat support widget on your website. Visit for an example.

April 4th, 2020

πŸ–¨ Editable Invoice Templates and Nicer Invoice PDFs


The template editor now lets you modify your invoices (including PDFs) just like any other client-facing template. The default styling of downloadable invoices has been improved as well.

April 3rd, 2020

πŸ”Œ Updated Stripe Integration


Use Stripe Connect to easily and securely authorize your Stripe account without having to copy API keys or set up webhooks.

April 2nd, 2020

πŸ“¬ Client Email Preferences


If clients want to stop order updates via email they can now unsubscribe from them. This helps us retain high deliverability rates for email notifications.

March 25th, 2020

πŸ“« Helpdesk Improvements


New updates to the built-in helpdesk include:

  • Accept tickets via email with a CC, and CC other emails to a ticket.
  • Staff can forward any email to SPP to create a ticket.
  • Improved incoming email rendering.
  • Click to load images on incoming HTML emails.

February 25th, 2020

⌨️ Keyboard Shortcuts


Quickly navigate your orders and tickets using keyboard shortcuts.