Integrating 2Checkout

To integrate with 2Checkout you’ll need to get your account number and secret word for the INS system.

In your 2Checkout account go to the Integrations > Webhooks & API section. There you should see your merchant code and secret word (not to be confused with “secret key” next to your merchant code.

Finally, enable INS (not IPN) with a global URL from the 2Checkout module in SPP. Your INS URL will look something like

Custom checkout template

To customize your Convert Plus checkout template go to Setup > Interface Templates in your 2CO account and make a copy of the default template. You can then use their editor to show and hide elements on the page.

Finally, you’ll need to save the template ID in SPP 2Checkout module settings. To get the template ID click Setup > Generate links in your 2CO account. Generate a purchase link for any product and look at the part after style=


For testing you will need to do two things:

  1. In SPP Settings > Payments turn on Sandbox mode
  2. In your 2Checkout account set Demo mode to Parameter

Once you’re ready to go live turn off demo mode and enable live payment in SPP.

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