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Integrating 2Checkout

To integrate with 2Checkout you’ll need to get your account number and secret word for the INS system.

2Checkout / Avangate version

Since Avangate’s acquisition of 2Checkout, some accounts were upgraded to their new system, which requires a slightly different setup. Skip to the next section if your 2Checkout account hasn’t been upgraded.

In your upgraded 2Checkout account go to the Integrations > Webhooks & API section. There you should see your merchant code and secret word (not to be confused with “secret key” next to your merchant code.

Finally, enable INS with a global URL from the 2Checkout module in SPP. Your INS URL should look something like (make sure it’s using HTTPS).

Old 2Checkout version

Your account number is at the top right corner of the 2Checkout dashboard.

You can find the secret word in your 2Checkout Account > Site Management (at the bottom of the page). If the secret word field is empty you’ll need to enter your own secret word or passphrase in there. Don’t forget to save your changes.

Now enter both the seller ID and your secret word in the SPP module. While on the settings page you’ll also see a field called Notification URL.

You’ll need to set up notifications in your 2checkout account with this URL so that SPP can capture recurring subscription payment, cancelled orders and refunds or charge backs.

2CO Notification URL

Go to your 2checkout settings and navigate to the Notifications tab. Paste the link from SPP in the Global URL setting and save. Make sure the notification URL is enabled for all notifications.


For testing you will need to do two things:

  1. In SPP Settings > Payments turn on Sandbox mode
  2. In your 2Checkout account set Demo mode to Parameter

Once you’re ready to go live turn off demo mode and enable live payment in SPP.

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