Bitcoin Payments

This module allows you to accept Bitcoin payments using your own Bitcoin wallet.

To set up the module you’ll need to:

  1. Enable the module in your SPP dashboard from the Modules section.
  2. Enter your wallet’s xPub key in module settings. The Extended Public Key (xPub) helps protect your privacy by generating new receiving addresses for transactions.
  3. Add Bitcoin as a payment option to your order forms.

Getting your xPub key

If you’re using the Ledger wallet – select your Bitcoin wallet and click the wrench icon at the top right. In the Edit Account popup, click Advanced logs. Copy the xPub value between quotes (it should start with xpub).

If you don’t have a wallet already you can sign up for one at and get your xPub at Settings > Addresses > Manage > More Options > Show xPub.

Payments with Bitcoin

When selecting Bitcoin as the payment method, clients get 15 minutes to make the payment.

If there are no confirmations of payment within the allowed time, the payment page will refresh and the user will be given a new up-to-date payment amount in BTC.

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