Creating Manual Invoices

Sometimes, you might want to create an invoice for a customer – whether it’s for some custom work, a package of various services, or different pricing – it’s straightforward in SPP.

Start by clicking ‘Invoices’ in your sidebar. From here, click the ‘Add Invoice’ button in the top right.

Assigning invoices

You have the option to select an existing client from the dropdown menu, or create an invoice that anyone can pay. For existing customers, the invoice will be immediately visible in their SPP account.

If you choose the latter option, once the invoice is saved, you can click the 3 dot icon in the top-right and select ‘Get payment link’. You can share this link with prospective clients. Once they pay, it’ll automatically create an SPP account for them.

In either case, once the invoice is paid (or marked as paid manually), an order will be created.

Adding line items

From the dropdown menu, you can choose to add your existing services as line items, or add a custom item. You’re able to add a description, and modify the price or apply a discount or quantity.

Additional options

At the bottom of the invoice creation page there are several options:

Sharing the invoice

Once the invoice is saved, you can click the 3 dot icon in the top right to email the invoice (if it’s an existing customer and you didn’t choose to send an email notification before), get the payment link, or charge the customer (if there is a payment method on file).

You can also edit the invoice if needs be, or download a PDF of the invoice for manual payments.

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