External Reports

You can embed reports such as Google Data Studio, Agency Analytics, or any other report as long as the domain permits iFrames with the help of our Google Data Studio integration.

Google Data Studio

To get started, go to Integrations and activate the Google Data Studio integration.

A new field will be added to Client accounts that you can use to display a report inside the client portal.

To add the URL, edit the desired Client account, and fill out the Report URL field.

Google Data Studio Report URL field in client profile

Clients will see a Reports option in the sidebar they can click on to view their embedded reports. Feel free to move the Reports menu item to a different category via the menu editor.

Google Data Studio Report in client profile

Agency Analytics

Navigate to Integrations and activate the Agency Analytics integration. To display reports for your clients, you need find your API key and paste it into the settings panel of your workspace.

For all new customers, a profile is automatically created inside Agency Analytics. Any reports you make available to them are loaded inside their client portal.

As with the Google Data Studio integration, feel free to edit the menu item, and place it in a different location.

Other Reports

With our Google Data Studio integration, you can display one report per client profile while Agency Analytics allows you to display multiple reports.

If you want to create more report pages, you can do so manually as long as you have access to the template editor by following this tutorial.