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Creating an Order Form

Order forms let you sell multiple services at once. Below you can see a sample order form (with a custom logo).

To set up order forms use the Form Builder:

As you can see there are a few different types of fields you can add to your forms. The main groups of fields are:

  • Service options – radio buttons or dropdown menus for selecting a single service, checkbox groups for selecting multiple services
  • Payment options – add a coupon code field and a payment option menu (if multiple payment processors are enabled)
  • Account info – add these fields if you want clients to choose their own login details. These fields will not be visible to logged in users, and if no data is provided, SPP will create accounts based on the information returned from your payment processor
  • Data fields – most projects require some information such as website url or keywords from the client. Use data fields to get project details upfront, or set up a separate data collection form that clients can fill out after the order

Creating rules

With SPP you can create rules to show and hide fields based on selected values.

Create multiple conditions for each rule, and trigger multiple actions such as hiding or showing different form fields.

Note: when creating rules based on a checkbox field, use 1 for selected checkbox and 0 for unselected.

Pre-selecting items

When linking to an order form you might want to pre-select a certain service for the user depending on the link they clicked. With SPP you can do that by adding an URL parameter ?field_x=service_id. Here’s how the new URL might look:

Fields are numbered starting from 0 and you can get the id of a service from the URL when editing it.

Another use of this feature is when you want to link a form with a coupon code already applied:

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