Creating an Order Form

Order forms are the primary means of selling services with SPP. Here’s a simple order form with a field for selecting one of the available services, and fields for customer’s name, email, and a payment options:

To set up your forms go to Order Forms > Add New. You can drag and drop fields from the left column onto your form, or click a field to append it to the end of your form.

The great thing about our form builder is that changes you make to your fields are visible in real time as you make them.

There are a few different types of fields you can add to your forms. The main groups of fields are:

Creating rules

With SPP you can create rules to show and hide form fields based on a selected value.


All fields are visible by default so if you wanted to show a field when a certain condition is met, you’d need to set up a rule to hide the field when it’s not.

In the example above we show the Upsell field only if the customer has selected the Gold Package.

Pre-selecting items

When linking to an order form you might want to pre-select a certain service for the user depending on the link they clicked. With SPP you can do that by adding an URL parameter ?field_x=service_id.

Here’s how the new URL might look:

Fields are numbered starting from 0 and you can get the ID of a service from the URL when editing it.

The checkbox group field supports multiple selections so you could pass multiple service IDs to the field as well:[]=12&field_0[]=14

In the example above two services with IDs 12 and 14 would be selected.

Another use of this feature is when you want to link a form with a coupon code already applied:
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