Why Isn’t an Order Showing Up?

You’ve received a payment but the order is not showing up in SPP and the customer is stuck on the “We are currently processing your payment” screen.

If you’re using Stripe

Check that webhooks are enabled in your Stripe account > Developer > Webhooks. If this was a test transaction be sure to turn on Test data to see webhooks in test mode.

If you don’t see a webhook pointing to your SPP dashboard go into the Stripe module in SPP, select the option to create webhook and save the form. This will create a new webhook in Stripe.

If there is a webhook set up, make sure its signing key matches the one in your SPP Stripe module.

Once you’ve turned on Webhooks you can find the customer’s invoice in SPP and mark it as “Paid” to add orders and trigger notifications.

If you’re using PayPal

  1. Wait a few minutes. Payment notifications from PayPal are not instant and may be delayed in some cases, especially in sandbox mode.
  2. Check if you have IPN enabled in PayPal.
  3. Check the logs. Click Settings > System logs and see if any errors show up there.
  4. Check your IPN history. If you’re logged into PayPal you can access IPN history here https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_display-ipns-history
    From there you can try resending the last IPN messages.
  5. If the order is still not added, or you see failed IPNs please contact us with the details.

Note: We’ve seen PayPal randomly disabling IPNs for some users. If you stop receiving payment notifications in SPP, please check if IPN is still enabled in your account.

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