How Can I Cancel a Customer’s Subscription?

If you’re using Stripe you can cancel a subscription from SPP. Find the subscription order in your dashboard (it should have a Recurring tag by default), click menu in the Payments section and select Cancel from there.

With other payment methods such as PayPal or 2Checkout you can sign into the payment processor to stop recurring billing. The easiest way to find the correct subscription is to open one of the subscription invoices and use the transaction ID to find the subscription in your payment processor.

Allowing customers to cancel their own subscriptions

If you’re using Stripe you can show a cancellation link in the order details, giving your clients the option to stop their subscription without contacting you.

To show this cancellation link open the Template Editor from Settings > Client panel templates. In the clients/order.html template delete these two lines:

{# Uncomment this to show subscription cancellation link
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