ACH Payments

This integration supports one-time and subscription services.

To setup ACH Payments, you’ll need to start by signing up for an account on

In your Plaid account, go to Customize → Select Account section and enable the setting for one account.

SPP plaid ach behavior settings

Next, go to Team Settings → Integrations section and connect your Stripe account here.

SPP plaid integration stripe

Now, go to Team Settings → API Keys section and copy your keys from here to be added into SPP.

SPP getting Plaid API keys

When you’re ready to go live you’ll need to request Development or Production access in Plaid. Development mode supports up to 100 connected bank accounts:

SPP plaid request access

In SPP, navigate to Integrations → Stripe and click Enable on the ACH integration. Then fill out all the keys by following the instructions:

SPP Plaid ACH keys

You can now add ACH as a payment option in any of your order forms.

SPP ACH payment order form