Where Is the “Thank You” Page Located?

After a successful payment customers are first redirected to an intermediate page at clients.example.com/thanks while we wait for a confirmation from Stripe or PayPal about their payment. In most cases the confirmation takes less than a second so the customer may not see this page at all.

As soon as payment is confirmed the customer is redirected to a receipt page at clients.example.com/receipt/ABCD123?orderform=XYZ

where ABCD123 is their invoice ID and XYZ is the order form ID. This is the best page for adding conversion tracking scripts. You can add them by editing clients/receipt.html template using the template editor.

Because the receipt page contains customer’s billing address and order details it is only accessible from the account associated with the invoice.

In order to test the receipt page without placing a test order you can find any customer with a paid invoice, sign into their account and navigate to /receipt/INVOICE_ID.

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