Selling Task-Based Services

With the rising popularity of Unlimited Writing/Design/Wordpress services for a fixed monthly subscription, we’ve added features to support this workflow in SPP.

First, you’ll need to create a recurring service in SPP and allow clients to request new orders:

Project management in SPP revolves around orders and this option will allow your clients to create new requests (orders) from your Client Panel as long as they have an active subscription for the service.

Next, you’ll need some information from the client about the task they’re requesting. We can collect that in an Intake form.

From your service settings go to the Intake Form tab and set up your form fields:

That’s it! Here’s what the workflow looks like after a client has subscribed to your Unlimited Design service:

Note that the first order has been created already, but we’ll go ahead and create a new request. A new order shows up:

They can click Submit data to fill out their info for this task:

The new order is updated with their details and your team can begin working on it:

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