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Last updated on June 10th, 2024

Backlink Management Tools You Have to Try

Key points

  1. In order to keep the backlink profile healthy, companies need to ensure that their earned links stay online.
  2. Manually checking that links are still online is not feasable, which is why backlink monitoring tools exist.
  3. Good backlink management software will automatically check for links and inform if their status has changed.

When it comes to SEO tools for agencies, it’s not always easy to find one that suits your needs. This is especially true when it comes to backlink management tools. You spend a lot of time building partnerships and securing links, only to notice that they’ve been removed after a few weeks.

If you want to ensure that your link building efforts pay off, you need a backlink monitoring tool that automates this process. Luckily, there are a variety of programs to choose from, including one that we’ve built.

Every company strives for a healthy backlink profile. In order to achieve that goal, they invest time (and money) into building links, either with the help of a link building agency, or an in-house team dedicated to this task. Whichever option you choose, link building campaigns are a lot of work. Some are the result of guest posts, others have been secured through partnerships with companies. In the end, they should create a natural link profile that is better than that of your competitors.

Sadly, it often happens that links are removed, often by accident during content updates. When this happens, you want to become aware of it in order to get a new link from your partner. And the only way to notice removed links is with the help of backlink tracking software.

Now that you know why it’s important to keep an eye on your links, you might be wondering how to manage backlinks efficiently.

You could certainly do it the old school way, with spreadsheets. Most backlink builders run their operations in Google sheets after all.

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The problem with spreadsheets is that you’ll quickly outgrow them. First, you need to have a sheet for every client, and second, your entire team will work in them at the same time. There’s a big chance that the wrong column or row gets deleted or edited while a colleague is working on it.

The alternative to spreadsheets are dedicated backlink tools. Not only do they allow you to track individual links, you can usually assign links to your partners, track ABC exchanges, and much more. The most useful functionality of a backlink manager is the integrated uptime monitoring. You’ll no longer have to manually check if your links are still live. Instead, the backlinks software will notify you if the link has been removed, or if it has changed from dofollow to nofollow.

There’s a lot of backlinks tracking software to choose from, but which one is worth trying out? Most of them have a similar feature set, so let’s look at the top 4 backlink management software to choose from in 2024.

Backlink Pilot backlink building tool

Backlink Pilot is the result of polishing up our internal tool that we use for backlink building. We know how important link building is. At the same time, it’s difficult to keep track of keywords and anchor texts, which domains you already got links from, and if they are still online. This is why we made it available for everyone free of use.

Compared to other tools, this backlink checker focuses on one main feature: it allows you to track every backlink you build, and check if it’s still online, or if it has changed from dofollow to nofollow.

Backlink Pilot targets mainly two groups of users:

  1. Link building agencies: They can add clients they service, and ensure that the links they build are still online, and if not, replace them swiftly before the client points it out.

  2. SaaS companies: Those who have their team of link builders and want to grow partnerships can use Backlink Pilot by using the partners feature. Simply add all your partners, and ensure that you receive as many links as you give them.

Thanks to the balance feature, you can easily see who still owes you backlinks, if you need to give them a link, or if you are even.


  • track up to 500 links for free

  • monthly backlink health checks

  • unlimited partners and clients

  • optional paid plan with daily checks

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SEOJet link building strategy tool

SEOJet is a tool that helps with your entire backlink strategy. Its goal is to help you improve your rankings thanks to up-to-date backlink data and anchor text planning. It also gives you tips what kind of links to build next.

As a powerful link building tool, you can use SEOJet to analyze your competition, figure out which backlinks they have acquired, and make your way into the top ten of the Google search results page. Similar to other software (like Semrush or Ahrefs), SEOJet has its own proprietary score that gives you an idea how strong your pages are compared to the competition.

The target group of SEOJet are:

  1. One person businesses and small companies who want to do SEO on their own. They are often working with a limited budget, but still want to outsmart the competition.

  2. SEO agencies who offer link building as one of the services. They can use the integrated backlinks health check to see if the links they’ve built are still live.


  • backlinks monitor for up to 1000 links (free)

  • analysis tool to check Google top 10 results

  • competitor link opportunities to reach out to

  • order paid guests posts to boost ranking


Semrush link building tool

If you want to keep an eye on the number of referring domains, Semrush is one of many backlink analysis tools you can count on. It tracks inbound links and also monitors your backlink profile, allowing you to keep an eye on its quality.

Similar to SEOJet, Semrush can also track the competition with its backlink gap feature. It allows you to keep an eye on up to five profiles and helps you with prospecting and outreach. The outreach can even be managed through Semrush by connecting your Gmail account.

Semrush targets mainly the following:

  1. SEO enthusiasts who are looking for an all-in-one tool. Those looking to do it by themselves can get a lot of information from Semrush, and not just related to backlinks.

  2. Agencies looking to get all data from a single platform. Semrush makes it easier for agencies to do link prospecting.


  • track inbound links and keep an eye on backlink profile

  • monitor competing backlink profiles and find opportunities

  • analyze competitors in bulk with the backlink analysis

  • build links with the outreach tool on autopilot


Inline image

Buzzstream is an outreach platform that focuses mainly on finding opportunities to build links. The tool includes prospect research, link monitoring, and email sending capabilities. Compared to the other software options mentioned, it isn’t just meant for generating simple link swaps, it’s also a digital PR solution to get your best content spread across the internet.

One powerful feature is that Buzzstream does the research for you based on keyword data or brand mentions. Add prospects to your list from web and news search results, and filter by most influential contacts and authoritative websites.

Buzzstream is a good tool if you’re:

  1. An SEO manager or digital PR team: you don’t just need to find link swap opportunities. Your goal is to get your high-quality content promoted across the web.

  2. Content agencies looking to distribute their work: Those working for their clients to not only build regular links, but also promote the content with influencers.


  • easy prospecting and contact profile enrichment

  • built-in features to qualify prospects

  • easy segmentation of contacts and opportunities

  • campaign tracking and management with publications

What is a backlink tool?

Backlink software allows you to keep track of exchanged links between yourself and your partners. It also checks if the link is still online, ensuring that you never lose a backlink.

Which tool is best for backlinks?

Depending on your needs, tools such as Ahrefs allow you to see which backlinks your website has earned already. However, it doesn’t show all links that you have, only those it is aware of. For link-building activities, Backlink Pilot is the best choice as the checker tool allows you to track all link exchanges.

How do I manage my backlinks?

Backlink Pilot has been specifically built to help you manage your backlinks. You can easily add new links, see how many links you’ve given a partner, and how many you have received in return. It also periodically checks if the backlink is still live.

How do you keep track of backlinks?

If you need to track your backlinks, use a tool such as Backlink Pilot that can check if your backlinks are still online automatically. Powerful filters should allow you to see which links are no longer live.

Why use a backlink monitor tool?

With a backlinks monitoring tool, you can easily manage link building partnerships, get notified if links are changed, and quickly fix lost links.

Tracking backlinks doesn’t have to be a chore, and certainly not a manual task you have to use spreadsheets for. The market offers you a variety of tools to track backlinks the easy way, saving you time that you can invest in more important tasks, namely building new links.

The best of all, there are free link management tools such as Backlink Pilot that you can use to scale your operations.

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