Your Own Branded Client Portal

A professional back office for your clients with their past orders, tickets, and invoices.

Orders in your white labeled client portal
  • All orders in one place Your Client Portal is the one central place for your customers to get the full history of their orders, reports, and payments.
  • Flexible menus Easily modify existing menu items, add new links, change icons, even add new pages.
  • Multi-language Edit any client-facing language lines, and add translations with ease.
  • Use your domain and branding Your Client Portal can reside on any subdomain under your current website, e.g. and can be white-labeled with your logo and colors.
  • Built-in referral system Convert your clients into brand ambassadors with shareable affiliate links and coupons.
  • Deposit system Clients can deposit funds into their accounts and use them towards future purchases.

Plays nicely with email

Send and receive order updates without leaving email.

  • All messages sent via email When you send an order update it shows up in the Client Portal and goes out as a regular email to your customer.
  • Incoming email processing Customer replies to your messages get added to the conversation inside their order.
  • CC responsible parties Clients can add other people from their team who want to be notified.
  • Email from your domain Email notifications go out from your domain, making them feel like direct conversations to your customer.
  • Open tracking See when clients have opened your emails and read your messages.
  • Fully customizable notification templates Edit your receipt emails, welcome emails, and all other notifications SPP sends to your customers.
  • Business hours autoreply Automatically acknowledge customer's emails and let them know when to expect a reply.

Your services catalog

A page inside the Client Portal showing all your public services.

Services page in your client portal Shopping cart within your client portal Cart checkout Order processing page Purchase receipt
  • Organized into folders Group your services into folders for easier navigation.
  • Add featured images Images help your services stand out in the services list
  • Control which services get shown Only your public services are included in the services list.

Detailed customer profiles

Clients can update their billing details and payment methods on their own.

Customer's profile in your client portal
  • Extendable with custom fields Extend client profiles with additional fields.
  • Local timezones All dates and times shown in your clients' local timezone.
  • GDPR data export and deletion support If you want your EU customers to be able to request data export or deletion, it is possible from the portal.

Handle subscriptions and requests

Self-service features for subscription management and request-based services.

Orders list in your client portal with a button for creating new requests Client portal subscriptions list Payment method management in your client portal
  • Subscription management Give customers the option to upgrade or cancel subscriptions on their own.
  • Payment method management Clients can log in to manage their saved payment methods with you.
  • Dunning emails If payments fail clients get a notification to update their payment info.

Collect project information in intake forms

Simplify your checkout flow by asking all the details after payment.

Custom intake form creation using the form builder Intake form in client portal
  • Drag & drop form builder Many field types to choose from help make it easy to set up the perfect intake form for various services.
  • Multi-page forms Break up lengthy intake forms into pages and keep clients happy.
  • Show fields based on rules Set up advanced intake forms by showing and hiding fields based on another field's value.
  • Spreadsheet inputs For large orders clients can copy their data from a spreadsheet.
  • Copy data from another order Returning clients can import their responses from an earlier order.
  • Incomplete order reminder Sent to clients if they haven't filled out your intake form within 24 hours.
  • Buy now, use later Clients can buy services now and request them later when they're ready.
  • Secure forms Your intake forms are available only to clients who have purchased the service.

Infinitely flexible and extendible

Extend your Client Portal with custom pages and reports.

Client portal menu editor Client portal template editor
  • Advanced template editing With full access to underlying HTML templates you're not locked into the default design.
  • Custom pages Add custom pages to the portal for reports, information, or videos.
  • Integrated reporting Connect various SEO tracking services, or embed automated Google Data Studio reports.

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