Revenue And Team Analytics

Track performance metrics for your agency and your people…

Admin dashboard showing revenue over time
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As an owner, you want to know how your agency is doing. That way you can set goals and track your progress towards achieving them.

You also want to know how your team is doing. Who's productive, who is not. Who's able to take on more work, and who's at capacity.

SPP helps you answer these questions and more…

“How much of our revenue is coming from this promotion?”

Break down your revenue by service, client, or coupon

A table of services, units sold, and revenue from each service

“Who completed the most orders last month?”

Track order completion by team member

A list of team members, which services they worked on, and how many orders they completed in the selected period

“Who's slow to respond?”

Check your team's response times

A list of team members, how many responses they sent, and their average response time

“Who do we want to up-sell to?”

See your best clients and their LTV

A list of clients and the revenue each has brought in during the selected period

“Who's able to take on more work?”

View your team's current workload

A list of team members and the number of orders they are assigned to at the moment, broken down by service type
Rebecca Hey
SPP is fantastic for my content writing agency. It offers an awesome user experience for my customers and team members, plus the feature set is excellent.
Rebecca Hey, Owner
Strategically Agency

Data export

Export your SPP data to create custom reports for stakeholders…

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