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By the end of this tutorial you’ll have set up your services, created an order form and placed a test order.

Before we start, here’s a quick video overview of how SPP works:

Here’s how the purchase flow looks for your clients when you’re using SPP:

  1. Client clicks a link on your site that takes them to your order form.
  2. In the order form they pick services and enter any additional details you require.
  3. They make payment using one of the available payment methods.
  4. After payment they get a “thank you” page and are automatically logged into the Client Panel where they can see their orders, download files, and post messages.

While customers can sign up before placing an order, they don’t need to. SPP creates client accounts automatically, based on the fields you’ve added to your form.

There are just 3 steps to selling a service through SPP:

  1. Create a service – choose a name and set a price (one-time, recurring, or free trial)
  2. Connect your payment processor – enter your PayPal account email or Stripe API keys.
  3. Set up an order form – add service options and any custom fields to your form.

Finally, you can share the link to your order form on your website or anywhere else.

Let’s go into more detail for each step…

Step 1 – Create Your Services

In the Services menu click Add New to create a service. Here are some of the different options you can configure:

General service options

Service name – your customers will see this in order forms and the client panel.

Description – a short description of your service, shown in order forms and your services page.

Price – you can set a one-time price, or a recurring price. To create a free trial set the trial price to 0, or charge a setup fee by setting the trial price to the initial payment.

Recurring service options

For recurring services you can choose whether to create a new order for each subscription payment, or set the same order’s status back to “working”.

Other options

Show in services page – select this if you want to include this service in the services page of your client panel.

Group multiple quantities – by default purchases of multiple quantities are added as separate orders. If you enable this option purchases with more than one service quantity will show up in a single order.

Assign to a team member – use this option to automatically assign all orders of this service to a team member.

Set a deadline – set a deadline so your team can see how much time is left to deliver the service. Countdown is started after client has provided project details (if required).

Step 2 – Enable Payment Processors

In SPP navigate to Integrations and enable the payment processors you want to use. Each payment processor has a different settings page where you may need to enter information such as your payment email or API keys.

For more information on setting up your payment processor, click here.

Step 3 – Create an Order Form

The best way to sell services using SPP is by creating order forms. To create an order form, go to the Forms menu and click Add New to add a form.

There are different types of fields you can add to your form:

Service fields – fields where clients can choose the services they want to order. Multiple field types are available including checkboxes, option groups and dropdown menus

Account fields – fields where client can specify the login information they want to use (for new accounts)

Data fields – fields for collecting information about a client’s project if you want to collect it upfront. You can also use a data form to collect it after the order.

Payment fields – fields where clients can enter coupon codes and choose their payment method

Once you’ve saved the form, you can view it and copy its URL to link to it from your website.

Step 4 – Place a Test Order

Most payment processors allow you to place test orders in “sandbox mode” without having to send real payments to yourself.

You can enable sandbox mode in Settings > Payments. Then sign out of the admin account and try placing an order through your form.

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