Powerful Forms That Enhance Your Workflow

Use client inputs to automate your project management…

Form builder showing a list of available field types
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The problem with regular form builders

Regular form builders don't work for agencies. Not unless you want to keep double-checking submissions or following up with clients.

If you have to move client data from a form builder app to a project management tool, that's one more step that can go wrong.

What happens if a client submits your form twice? Or wants to update their data later? We've thought of all these things so you don't have to.

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How it works

A form for each use case

From new client inquiries to repeatable requests, we've got you covered.

Order forms

Let your clients pick services, select add-ons and pay without leaving your form.

Order forms create Orders which is where your team can collaborate.

Order form with service selection fields, email input, and a coupon field

Intake forms

Collect the info you need to start a project.

Intake form with a title and a spreadsheet field

Onboarding forms

Collect general client information for sales or future projects.

A table of onboarding information with field name and value Form builder showing onboarding form creation

Contact forms

Answer pre-sale enquiries, quote requests, and general support questions.

Contact form with many field types Embedded contact widget
SPP has been a key ingredient in our winning recipe for a successful productized service. It's easy for staff to use and customers love the client portal software for managing their service account.
Garrett Smith, Owner
GMB Gorilla
Garrett Smith

Many field types

Select from dozens of field types, from simple text inputs to hidden fields and e-signatures.

Large list of all available field types in the form builder
E-Signature field
Have customers digitally sign your client agreement before working with you. Helps reduce potential disputes.
Secret text
If you need to ask the client to share any sensitive info it will be additionally secured by the secret text field.
Spreadsheet input
For large orders you can collect bulk inputs using a spreadsheet field. Supports paste from Sheets and Excel.
Calendly booking
Add a Calendly step to your workflow to ensure clients can't proceed without booking a call.
Formatted text
Rich text editor helps you collect longer answers from clients. Supports pasting formatted text from Docs.
Hidden field
Let's you fill data like UTM parameters in the background without exposing it to the client.
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How it works

If → Then rules

Use rules to conditionally show fields (or entire pages) based on client input.

Form rule editor showing an IF condition and a THEN action

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