Built-In Helpdesk

Support your customers with full context of their order history.

Helpdesk tickets view in your agency's dashboard
  • Unified support inbox Forward your support email to SPP and answer customer emails from your dashboard.
  • Support and order history See the entire history for each user, including their past tickets, orders, and payments.
  • Saved replies Quickly answer common questions using saved replies and variables such as customer name or company.
  • Keyboard shortcuts Makes ticket navigation and daily management tasks quicker.
  • Tags You can tag tickets to reference them later.
  • Search Powerful search to find past conversations.

Work with your team

Bring your support staff and contractors onboard.

Support ticket details view
  • Control team permissions Decide what customer details your support team has access to.
  • Assign tickets Assign tickets to one or more team members.
  • Message signatures Create a signature that gets added to all messages.
  • Team messages Great for private internal discussions in orders.
  • Ticket notes Internal notes field lets you save useful info about the ticket or the customer.
  • @mentions Mention a team member to trigger a direct notification, even if they aren't following updates in the ticket.
  • Follow / unfollow tickets Subscribe or unsubscribe from updates in a specific ticket regardless of your global notification settings.
  • Undo send If you make a mistake or send the wrong email you can delete the message before it gets sent out to the customer.
  • Unread messages Instantly see when there's new activity, without having to check notifications.

Custom contact forms

Build forms for quote requests, inquiries, and support.

Drag and drop form builder for your contact forms Custom contact form
  • Drag & drop form builder Choose from various field types to create the right forms for you.
  • Embed in your website Simple HTML embed code works with almost any website.
  • Link from anywhere Share your form links on social media, emails, and anywhere else.
  • Show within your Client Portal Forms can be shown inside the client portal for your logged-in users.
  • Prevent spam Add security measures like captcha to stop spam bots from submitting your contact forms.

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