One-Page Checkout, Made for Services

Easily create beautiful order forms for taking payments...

Order form for your services
  • Drag & drop form builder Create any kind of order form.
  • Various field types Many ways to organize your services and questions.
  • Integrated payment fields Capture payments on the same page.
  • Featured images Make your services stand out with graphics and rich text descriptions.
  • If / then rules Show and hide fields based on selected values.
  • Mobile-first Your checkout looks and runs great on mobile devices.

Sell all kinds of services

Create one-time services, subscriptions, free and paid trials, setup fees, and pricing variants.

Bulk order form for large agency or b2b customers
  • Simple pricing For services with a one-time, fixed pricing.
  • Variant pricing Offer multiple options to select from, each with a different price.
  • Recurring services Set your billing frequency, trial cost, duration, setup fee and more.
  • Bulk purchases Spreadsheet input for your agency clients or large orders.

Easily link to your website

No scripts to install or plugins to configure.

Pricing table on your website Order form for services checkout Order processing page Purchase receipt
  • Your own domain Your checkout runs on any subdomain under your domain, e.g.
  • Custom form links Choose meaningful, easy to remember URLs for your order forms.
  • Link to any item Pre-select items in your forms and link to them from the pricing table on your website (example).

Secure and compliant payments

Checkout is the lifeblood of your business. Know that it is in good hands.

Invoice payment page
  • PCI compliant payments Get paid directly to your Stripe or PayPal.
  • SSL Secure Checkout Modern transport layer security (TLS 1.2), even on custom domains.
  • Proper invoices Invoices are automatically created for all payments and can be exported for accounting.
  • 3D Secure 2 ready Provides greater protection from chargeback fraud.
  • Support for VAT, HST, GST Charge tax based on customer's location and get reports on collected taxes.
  • Backed by AWS Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure helps us secure your data and absorb traffic spikes.
  • Terms and conditions Add legally binding terms checkbox to your forms.
  • Email marketing opt-in If you need to ask permission before sending marketing emails (GDPR).
  • Manual payment option For bank transfers or times when clients pay you outside of SPP.

Automated account creation

Accounts for new customers are created on the fly.

Client's profile details with all their purchases
  • No registration required Anyone can buy without having to create an account first.
  • Auto login after checkout No email confirmation, no password reset, it just works.
  • Magic one-click login links Makes login super easy for returning customers.
  • Abandoned checkout recovery Automatically reach out to users who didn't complete checkout.

Customize everything

Want to dig into code and make even more changes? Thanks to our powerful templating system that's possible.

Template customization

Run deals with coupons

Easily create coupon codes and track their usage.

Create coupon codes and discounts for your services
  • Create coupon codes One code can give multiple discounts on different services.
  • Limit discount usage Allow one use per client, a number of uses in total, or set a use by date.
  • Optional coupon field Hide the coupon field from your order forms if you're not running any sales.
  • Link coupons to affiliates Create unique coupons for your affiliates and track their sales.

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