Articles about growing a productized service business

Why Clients Cancel Early, and 5 Ways Your Agency Can Retain Them

Service businesses overwhelmingly report spending more on new client acquisition than retention. Yet most of them say return on investment would be better with the opposite. What’s the root of this phenomenon? Perhaps agencies feel uncomfortable thinking critically about the effectiveness of their own services. Thus they withdraw to a fatalist assumption: The right clients stay; the others will inevitably […]

Pricing Subscriptions Services and Unlimited Tasks at Vidpros

This is an interview with Michael Holmes, founder of video editing agency Vidpros. Michael shares some interesting insight into subscription pricing, and a unique perspective on moving away from ‘unlimited’ tasks.

Selling Podcast Editing at Scale with Podblade

Today’s featured agency is Podblade, a provider of low cost podcast editing, social media, graphics, and other podcast related services.

Increase Client Retention by Staying Connected with SPP

We can all benefit from staying in constant contact with our customers, especially when considering how this communication can increase client retention.

Do Productized Services Really Work?

Running a services agency means you’re always on the lookout for better ways to conduct business. Whether you’re looking to improve your service offerings or make it easier for your customers to convert, your business’s effectiveness is always on your mind.

Which of These Productized Services Is Yours?

Not all productized services are made equal, and perhaps you’re running a productized service without knowing the term itself.

Value Based Pricing Strategies for Digital Agencies

Value based pricing is one of the more difficult strategies to pull off. To be successful, you need to do market research, check competitors, and understand your customers. A perfectly thought-through pricing structure will help you scale your digital agency in a matter of months. Developing a value based pricing strategy Why are experts charging too little for their services […]

How Adam Crookes Built His Content Writing Agency on SPP

This is an interview with one of our long time users – Adam Crookes of Freshly Squeezed. He shares how he started and grew his agency, building a team of writers and starting a productized service in 2020.

A Simple Yet Effective Email Marketing Framework For Productized Agencies

If you aren’t sending regular emails to your leads and clients, it is an almost guaranteed way to increase your bottom line.

The True Cost of Building Your Own Client Portal

Ever tried building a client portal for your agency? If so, you know just how challenging it can be to bring all of those tools together.

Avoiding Micromanagement Problems With SPP

Micromanagement is a natural — yet most of the time, counterproductive — response to someone making mistakes. But in the 21st century, isn’t this something we, as entrepreneurs, should avoid? 

From a Mishmash of Tools to a Highly Automated Agency

Here’s a video interview with Derek Iwasiuk, a long time user of Service Provider Pro. He runs a very impressive and highly automated agency DigitalPush.