Articles about growing a productized service business

Scaling a Content Marketing Agency focused on Vacation Rentals with SPP

This is a case study about Guest Hook, a business acquired by Conrad O’Connell in 2020. With 5+ years’ experience in the vacation rental business, Conrad turned his data-driven approach into a new skill: helping vacation rental owners maximize their profits. Read below how he came across SPP, and how he uses its features in his day-to-day business.

How People Search for Agencies Around the World (Maps)

The typical advice we offer productized agencies is to streamline processes. Finding efficiencies reduces costs, but it also tends to improve service quality and, by extension, client retention.

5 Signs of Bad Clients & How To Deal With Them

Clients are generally the lifeline of any business. It should come as no surprise that a significant source of stress for any business owner are bad clients. Service providers will always experience these types of people. Fortunately for us, the numerous excellent clients we find typically outnumber the ones that give us a hard time.

Why Clients Cancel Early, and 5 Ways Your Agency Can Retain Them

Service businesses overwhelmingly report spending more on new client acquisition than retention. Yet most of them say return on investment would be better with the opposite.

Pricing Subscriptions Services and Unlimited Tasks at Vidpros

This is an interview with Michael Holmes, founder of video editing agency Vidpros. Michael shares some interesting insight into subscription pricing, and a unique perspective on moving away from ‘unlimited’ tasks.

Selling Podcast Editing at Scale with Podblade

Today’s featured agency is Podblade, a provider of low cost podcast editing, social media, graphics, and other podcast related services.

11 Examples of Productized Services That Simply Work

Many potential clients find us after stumbling over examples of productized services from agencies who are already using SPP. It’s true that the best path to scale an existing business is to productize it, or at least partially. Both freelancers, especially consultants, but also small agencies can scale their activities with a few adjustments to their business model.

Selling Recurring Services with SPP

We created Service Provider Pro with agency success in mind. From streamlining processes to encouraging more sales, contributes to positive agency progression. Many agencies are benefiting from operating with the processes, automation, and technology our software puts in place.

5 Reasons Why you Shouldn’t be Afraid to Niche Down

Countless agencies are struggling to find their purpose in a sea of competitors. Those who decide to niche down have most likely discovered their business strengths, and are focusing their energy on those services.

Value Based Pricing Strategies for Digital Agencies

Value based pricing is one of the more difficult strategies to pull off. To be successful, you need to do market research, check competitors, and understand your customers.

How Adam Crookes Built His Content Writing Agency on SPP

This is an interview with one of our long time users – Adam Crookes of Freshly Squeezed. He shares how he started and grew his agency, building a team of writers and starting a productized service in 2020.

A Simple Yet Effective Email Marketing Framework For Productized Agencies

If you aren’t sending regular emails to your leads and clients, it is an almost guaranteed way to increase your bottom line.