Project Management Without The Data Entry

Create, assign, and update tasks based on client actions…

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List of orders with their statuses
See what needs to be done
Get a birds-eye view of assigned orders, pending orders requiring inputs, and requested revisions.
Custom order statuses
Supports multi-stage order delivery and gives your clients a clear idea of where their projects are at.
Dynamic deadlines
Helps you prioritize orders based on when they're due, starting from the time when the client has provided all the necessary details.
Powerful keyboard shortcuts for quickly navigating the orders list, assigning and tagging orders, and other frequent actions.

Manage tasks

Create a repeatable checklist for each service you offer, or add one-off tasks as needed.

Repeatable or one-off tasks
If an order requires extra steps outside the standard process you can add them on the fly.
Dynamic task deadlines
Add tasks that are due on a specific date, or a certain time after the previous task is completed.
Automatic assignees
Once you complete a task, the order is assigned to the next person automatically.
Checklist of order tasks with a due date and an assigned team member

Bring your team onboard

Control access, track work, and get everyone on the same page.

Team permission role toggles
Many permission controls
Give limited access, hide customer contact info and pricing or restrict messaging.
Assigned services
Automatically assign teams to orders based on purchased services.
Account managers
Assign team members to clients and have them be the point of contact for that customer.
Notification preferences
You and your team can decide when and how they want to be notified.
Kenny Schumacher
The biggest thing I want for this agency is to have our subscriptions, clients, and team in one place. Instead of having to start from scratch I rely on SPP to get all the years of testing, experience, and awesome updates right away.
Kenny Schumacher, Owner
Appraisal Saver Agency

Built-in messaging

All your emails and messages are linked to a purchase without having to look up transaction IDs or ticket numbers.

Order details page as an admin
Team messages
Great for private internal discussions in orders.
Order notes
Internal notes field lets you save useful info about the order, or the customer.
Open tracking
See when customers have viewed your messages.
Mention a team member to trigger a direct notification, even if they aren't following updates in the order.
Follow orders
Subscribe or unsubscribe from updates in any order regardless of your global notification settings.
Undo send
If you make a mistake or send the wrong email you can delete the message before it gets emailed to the customer.

Insightful reporting

Various reports to track sales and order delivery performance.

Staff response times
Track response times across team members to ensure quality customer support.
Order completion report
See how many orders your team members have completed and calculate salary for contractors.
Weekly email summary
Provides a quick overview of your sales, delivered orders, and messages sent.
Order completion reporting for your team
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More analytics features

Deep integrations

SPP works well with other tools in your agency.

Zapier user interface
Our two way Zapier integration is the simplest solution to connecting apps like Trello without writing code.
A way for developers to get notified when orders get updated in your dashboard.
Developer API
A developer friendly API opens up many more possibilities for custom automation workflows.
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