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Increase Client Retention by Staying Connected with SPP

We can all benefit from staying in constant contact with our customers, especially when considering how this communication can increase client retention.

Just a 5% increase in client retention has the potential to boost company revenue between ​25 and 95%​. Fortunately, SPP makes staying connected with your clients simple.

Whether you need a way to streamline orders from clients or messages to and from members of your team, SPP provides tools to help. Let’s discuss how our software increases client retention through communication and what it will do for your business.

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Make all messages accessible in one place

The SPP Client Portal revolutionizes the way you, your staff, and your clients communicate. The back and forth across multiple email threads is tiring; SPP’s client portal keeps everything as accessible as you want to make it.

Clients can respond to messages in the Client Portal or via email. Any time you or your team posts a message in a client’s order, the client receives a notification in the Client Portal and in their email.

Rather than having dozens of separate email threads for each project, any time a client replies to a message via email, their response shows up in their order. This bypasses any confusion during communication and gives you clear history of who said what and when.

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Subscribe customers to a mailing list

Attracting new customers typically costs way more than retaining current customers. So it makes sense that you need a retention-boosting way to remain in contact with your clients. Here’s where retention email marketing comes into play.

At SPP, we make it easy to tag and subscribe your customers to a mailing list in MailChimp or ActiveCampaign. This allows you to re-engage them via email, help them get the most value from your services, and send occasional updates or newsletters about your services.

Whether you send clients monthly updates on your services or generally useful content, it keeps them engaged with your business. Ultimately, this translates to an increase in retention as your business stays fresh in your clients’ minds.

Send checkout abandonment emails

Sometimes, people abandon your order form during checkout; maybe their card failed, or maybe they got distracted – it happens to everyone. The percentage of abandoned carts is usually ​between 50% and 80%​. However, it’s possible to reach out to those customers and reclaim the lost sales.

With SPP, we help you automatically send a strategic recovery email that brings clients back right where they left off and gives them an easy option to finalize checkout.

This alone can save your agency hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month.

Send agency updates

Whether you have something exciting happening this month or are adding something new for your subscribers, you’ll have to keep them in the loop to keep them interested in your business.

However, you can also send updates to upsell clients to the next tier in your subscription offerings.

For example, if the three tiers of your subscription services are Textual Content Creation, Textual & Graphic Content Creation, and Textual, Graphic, & Video Content Creation, you can set a campaign to upsell current subscription clients.

Reach out to your best users

SPP also has a reports feature that enables you to determine who your best customers are, this month, this year or throughout all time. Since these clients are already loyal, they’re likely willing to make additional purchases or recommend you to their network.

While you may be tempted to use automation here, these high-value clients will respond much better to a personal message from the founder or their account manager.

This builds even more loyalty and keeps them interested in your agency.

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Staying connected is key

Whether you’re looking to increase customer satisfaction and retention, or just wanting to avoid issues stemming from missed emails, it’s more important than ever to stay connected with your clients.

Customers should know that you care about earning their business time and time again. It’s not enough to say you care; you have to show them through your actions.

Take action and keep your business fresh in your clients’ minds. Use SPP to establish a foundation of loyalty that your business can continue its growth.

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