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How To Use Trello To Deliver Orders Faster

Offering productized services through Service Provider PRO is all about maintaining or improving upon the quality and efficiency of your services. But two tools work in conjunction with the SPP platform to help our users deliver orders even faster.

Trello is one of the leading project management tools available today. So it should come as no surprise that our users are improving their task management efforts by automating Trello card creation with Zapier.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to use Trello in conjunction with Zapier to create an efficient automated workflow.

Your Trello board & Zapier automation: how it works

A Trello board allows users to create cards perfect for organizing and streamlining workflows. Each card is a vast compact space in which users can add comments, upload file attachments, create checklists, add labels and due dates, and more.

While users can create Trello cards themselves, automating Trello card creation saves time. This is where Zapier comes into play.

Zapier is a workflow automation tool that moves data between web apps automatically. It effectively enables our users to connect SPP to 1,000+ other web services, including Trello.

Zapier uses automated connections called Zaps to automate tasks and build workflows between apps without any coding. After integrating it with Service Provider PRO, our users can signal the start of a project just moments after a client places an order — without manually creating a Trello card.

Each Zap uses an action within an app as the Trigger. The trigger app provides information and triggers one Action — or several actions — to occur within other apps. The Zap sends the data to the designated app automatically, and this enables our users to extract and forward new order information to create Trello cards automatically.

Connecting SPP to Trello with Zapier

On your SPP dashboard, click on Integrations and go to Zapier settings. From here, you’ll see several Zap templates you can use.

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Click the Use this Zap button next to where it says Create Trello cards for new orders in Service Provider PRO. This will prompt a new Zapier window to open.

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You’ll connect your Service Provider PRO account and Trello account via this Zapier window. Then, you’ll pick which Board and List you’d like to have the new card appear. Once you determine the appropriate list for your new cards, you’ll click the Turn on Zap button to proceed.

To edit which information your new Trello cards will contain, you’ll need to go to your Zapier account to configure the Zap’s settings.

SPP Trello card automation

SPP user services get delivered faster by automatically creating a Trello card for each new SPP order. The Zap takes all of the desired information from new orders and adds a process checklist to each new card created. This ensures that anyone who gets assigned a new order Trello card will have a process checklist that’s associated with the task at hand, saving time by providing clear instructions.

Here’s how it should look each time a Zap creates a Trello card for a new order:

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Using the card name as the order ID allows users to reference it in the next Zap, enabling the card to move through the streamlined process with ease. As a Trello card is moved to a different list in your process, you can even send order update messages automatically to your clients. Also, if you choose to include the report URL in the Trello card as an attachment, the client message can be populated with it as well.

Here is what the card should look like if it includes information from your new order and a checklist:

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All of this information is customizable as well, ensuring you can keep every aspect of your service operating as smooth and efficient as possible.

Automating messages for completed orders

You can also send an automated message for when your team completes an order.

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To send an automated message for when the order is complete, you’ll choose the board. In this case, it would be the SPP Order Management board. Then you’d choose the location the card will move to in order to trigger the automated message. 

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You’ll use the card name as the order ID to trigger the message being posted. From here, you can choose the message you’d like to send, as well as who you’d like to receive the message.

Setting up your automated messages takes little to no time at all, ensuring your time isn’t spent on sending out messages that can be automated.

As you can see, when it comes to productizing services, SPP streamlines the process. We’re helping our users sell millions of dollars in services every month, and we can do the same for you.

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