Our Epic Guide to Productizing

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Here's everything we know about productization based on working with 1,000+ agencies on SPP .

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Make the switch to productized services
Examples of different productized services
Scoping and testing your productized offer
Market strategy for productized agencies
Using software to scale up your operation
All your orders inside SPP

Is your agency looking to productize? Our handy guide will show you how to go from bespoke client work to selling productized services at scale.

What is productizing?

Many agencies struggle with the idea of converting their bespoke services into a product. The good news is we've helped agencies just like yours add productized services to their arsenal, scale up their revenue and outgrow the competition.

Going down the productization path is the most efficient and smartest way to optimize your business. Thanks to SPP.co, it’s not only easier to do, but also involves less risk.

Our platform has been powering productized service businesses for many years, helping them successfully scale their operations, boost their MRR, and increase retention .

But what is the difference between a regular “billed by the hour” service and a productized one?

Let’s take a look at two different perspectives:


By offering productized service packages you're reducing friction for clients. They feel safe knowing how much value they're getting, what the deliverables are, and the costs.


You’re spending less time on proposals and quotes while getting more clients in the pipeline. Systemized processes let you handle more business and focus on growing your agency through new opportunities.

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How to productize a service

Turning a service into a product means changing your business perspective. Go from having to take on any job to keep the lights on to offering high-value, high-margin services in a streamlined and automated way.

Take a look at your past projects, and ask yourself:

With the help of this guide, you'll find the best services to productize, opportunities for offering recurring service subscriptions, and much more.

Why you should listen to us

Our software platform has helped 1,000+ agencies set up systems and processes to grow a predictable revenue stream from productized services.

Our customers have…

What to expect in this guide

We’ve been helping agencies sell and deliver their services at scale for years. This has given us unique insight into the struggles and common pitfalls agency owners fall into.

Our free e-book details all the necessary steps you need to take to join the productize community:

Frequently asked questions

Is this guide completely free?

It is! Sign up and get direct access to our e-book in PDF format.

Does it teach me how to productize consulting services?

Many industries can be productized. Our free guide contains examples of successful agencies that have already made the switch. There are still industries that haven’t realized that productization is possible!

How can I productize myself with the help of your e-book?

Many freelancers are industry experts who sell their knowledge and experience in the form of consulting, among other things. Read our guide to get insight knowledge and examples on how to succeed.

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