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SPP allows me to keep everything from payments, orders, client communication, order forms, tasks, etc all in a single place. It's the solid foundation I need to be able to SCALE.

I also want to give a huge shout out to the team. They are now an extension of my in-house team. Basically anytime I run into a wall, or need some code tweaked - they are ON it. So between the platform and the support - it's 10/10 and the foundation I need to scale.

Joe Hader, Founder
Joe Hader
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Helping companies scale since 2014

Originally built as an internal tool, our founder quickly realized that other agencies need the same solution. Service Provider Pro was born, and has been helping thousands of companies scale ever since. has been the perfect solution for my business. The platform is incredibly user-friendly and well-designed. The SPP team is also very accommodating and has helped me customize the platform to fit my unique needs. I can't recommend enough!
Lauren Popish, Founder
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Lauren Popish
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Features that allow you to grow

SPP is the only solution that allows you to scale from a small service provider to a full-grown agency. We always find ways that allow you to streamline your operations.

SPP has been a key ingredient in our winning recipe for a successful productized service. It's easy for staff to use and customers love the client portal software for managing their service account.
Garrett Smith, Owner
GMB Gorilla
Garrett Smith
Luka Bozic
“No other solution has matched the quality and simplicity that SPP offers. On top of that, their support is outstanding.”
Luka Bozic
Founder of AuraRank
Nemanja Mirkovic
“SPP has everything you need, packed in a simple and intuitive interface. They are constantly adding new features and provide the best support.”
Nemanja Mirkovic
CEO of LeadsFox
Tommy McDonald
“I've considered getting a custom client portal built, but the combination of functionality, integrations, and support, checked all the boxes”
Tommy McDonald
Owner of SerpLogic alternatives compared

There are many Service Provider Pro alternatives, but how do they stack up to our solution? Check out the overview below and view a more detailed page for every tool.

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Bring your clients, payments, and projects under one roof. Built for digital marketing, SEO & content agencies.
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Professionalize your projects (and impress your clients) with a beautiful, centralized client portal.
Starts from $249 More info
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Deliver your clients & client-facing teams the touch of a branded platform & mobile application today.
Starts at $99/m More info
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Give your clients a one-stop shop experience with a portal that streamlines messaging, payments & file-sharing.
Starts at $39/m/user More info
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Manage your business with a software that empowers collaboration with your team, and automates interaction with your clients.
Starts at $19/m More info
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A prospect-to-payment platform that claims to be better than Excel and simpler to use than Hubspot.
Starts from $149 More info
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Manage your clients, team members, projects, billing, automations, all in one easy to use platform.
Starts at $59/m More info

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