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Avoiding Micromanagement Problems With SPP

Micromanagement is a natural — yet most of the time, counterproductive — response to someone making mistakes. But in the 21st century, isn’t this something we, as entrepreneurs, should avoid? 

Fortunately, SPP makes the micromanagement strategies of the past unnecessary. Rather than forcing service operators to continue incorporating an outdated controlling management style, our software revolutionizes the way productized services operate.

Demoralizing and counter-intuitive managerial practices are outdated. That’s why in this article, we’re discussing how Service Provider Pro helps business owners assign projects to their teams without the micromanagement. 

What even is micromanagement?

Micromanagement is when someone is taking on the role of personally controlling and monitoring every aspect of something. This can be a place, a situation, a team, a project, etc.

Even though this practice can be useful at times, it comes with a host of problems. From losing sight of the big picture to decreasing a team’s productivity, micromanagement is generally something most people should try to avoid. Here’s where SPP will help.

A system for project management

Project management is one of the most challenging aspects of running a service business. With so many working components necessary to ensure the timely deliverance of services, anything that can facilitate service completion without distracting staff is essential for success.

The SPP dashboard shows new orders automatically on your dashboard. You’ll also observe the progress of each order in real-time. This means any time a customer makes a payment, fills out a form, or sends a message, you’ll see everything that’s happening in one easily accessible location.

You can also customize the way you automatically request information. If you need some specific data from your client to complete an order, you can set a trigger that automatically sends a request for that information each time the service is ordered.

You’ll set parameters as well, allowing all or specific staff members to access this information. All of this is done automatically, meaning once you set the system to your preferences, you know your projects have a process in place to fulfill client orders without the need for stressful micromanagement processes.

Document all communications

Searching through thousands of emails for a single message is a hassle no one needs. Instead, SPP keeps all of your messages in a centralized location.

Each time your client receives a message in their order, they receive a notification via email. The client can then respond directly via email. But the correspondence is all documented in their order, meaning your team can message them back, and you can observe the back and forth communication.

With this feature, you’ll have a clear history of who said what and when readily available to observe without disrupting the workflow. Thus, you’ll avoid having to reach out to your team any time you want some insight regarding how they’re interacting with your clients.

Auto-assign team members to orders

When you know one or more members of your team are rockstars at fulfilling certain types of orders, it makes sense to assign those orders to those individuals. Here’s where managing your team with SPP can improve the quality of your services without forcing you to micromanage your staff’s actions.

For example, if you have someone excellent at writing long-form content, you’ll want to assign any long-form content orders to them automatically. You already know they’re going to fulfill the order properly. So this minimizes your need to micromanage by guaranteeing you’re assigning the best person for specific tasks.

You set the roles for your team. Then, they’re assigned to fulfill specific orders that relate to their expertise. This results in the right orders getting assigned to the right person, and the orders are completed without the need to micromanage your team.

A way to monitor without being overbearing

Having SPP’s centralized system in place means you’re keeping the positive aspects of micromanagement while abandoning the features that can adversely impact your team. You still have control over operations, maintain accurate knowledge regarding your business, communicate effectively, and keep complex and custom operation reliable as they’re executed.

The centralized system will rid you of the most common micromanagement problems, as well. You’ll have more time to focus on scaling your business without having to bother your employees. In turn, you’ll maintain employee trust.

Avoiding micromanagement means you’re avoiding burnouts. As a result, you’ll maintain skilled employee retention, adding value to your business as it scales.

Instead of breeding resentment in your business, you’re learning to depend on the valuable members of your team. And this is a scalable management style that can grow with your business.


Even though micromanagement can be beneficial in some instances, most of the time, it’s a managerial method characterized by damaged productivity and a lack of trust. With this being the case, making the switch to SPP is an easy choice.

At SPP, we’re helping our users manage their teams and clients without forcing them to resort to outdated micromanagement practices. Our clients are experiencing boosts in their efficiency, higher rates of skilled staff retention, and millions of dollars in projects being completed each month, and we’ll do the same for you.

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