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High-Quality Video Marketing Agencies You Probably Didn’t Know About

Video marketing is gaining ground. More and more people are interested in setting up an agency business that focuses on this specific niche.

When it comes to any type of business, though, there’s always the question: can I compete with existing service providers? Luckily, this market segment has been growing for a while. According to Wyzowl research, in 2022, 88% of people wanted to see more videos from brands—and 66% of marketers were either maintaining or increasing their video marketing budget.

If you’re among the people who want to tap into the power of video in 2023 by kick-starting your own company, or if you’re looking for an agency to help you, you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’ll discuss high-quality video marketing agencies you probably didn’t know about (but should). They can either serve as inspiration for your own business, or you can hire them for video marketing campaigns.

Best video marketing agencies in North America

If you’re looking for a video creation agency to help you strategize, produce, and distribute videos effectively, check out the following.

Videosupply video marketing agency

Videosupply is a video content creation agency that can produce videos in a very wide range of locations around the world, including North America, Oceania, Europe and Asia. They can help you with a large array of services too: strategy, scripting, editing, long-form videos, short-form videos—pretty much anything you may need.

Why they landed on our list: They have a 5-star score on Clutch, they cover a large spectrum of services in the video marketing niche, and they have an impressive collection of customer stories that showcase their ability to help small and large businesses skyrocket their sales through the power of video.

7 Wonders Cinema

7 Wonders video marketing agency

7 Wonders Cinema is more of a high-end option, especially since they tout themselves as “Emmy-winning.” The list of previous clients is nothing short of amazing, and with services that cover your needs from script to video, they really are worthy of attention.

Why they landed on our list: They also have 5-star score on Clutch, and their list of previous clients includes names like Dole, Comcast, National Geographic, and Colgate. With that kind of portfolio, you’re in great company.


Umault video marketing agency

Unlike the previously two mentioned video marketing firms, Umault specializes in B2B video marketing. They cover the video ad creative, the production, and the distribution. Umault have a pre-established process to walk you through each stage and ensure you achieve the results you need.

Why they landed on our list: They have a 5-star score on Clutch, making them one of the top-rated agencies in the United States. Furthermore, their portfolio is quite interesting, with brands like Samsung, Mass Mutual, Deloitte and NVIDIA ranking among the most preeminent names in their list.

Top video marketing agencies in South America

If you need to produce and market videos in South America, you might be better off with a local agency. Some of the best ones include.

ROM4 Media

ROM4 Media video marketing agency

ROM4 Media is based in South America, but they provide services to clients from 19 countries. They also have a 10 years-long track record of success in video marketing, proving they’ve not only been around for a while, but also know what they’re doing.

Why they landed on our list: ROM4 Media has a 4.9-star score on Clutch and a list of clients that would make anyone jealous. Some of the most notable ones include IBM, Ernst & Young, Philips, Atlassian, and UNICEF.


Flouu video marketing agency

Flouu is a Brazilian video production agency that’s been around for more than seven years. During this time, they have produced more than 2,500 hours of video for nearly 200 clients. They will guide you from briefing to delivery, through all the steps needed to create a high-quality video that reflects your brand.

Why they landed on our list: They have a 5-star score on Clutch and they have enterprise video production experience. Notable clients include Pirelli and Mercado Pago.

Sherlock Communications

Sherlock Communications video marketing agency

Sherlock Communications is an award-winning agency based in Brazil. They serve the entirety of Latin America, touting themselves as “the bridge to South America.” Their services are not focused solely on video marketing, but video production, content marketing, and paid media are part of their offering—which means that you can connect with them if you need a more comprehensive video strategy.

Why they landed on our list: They have multiple awards for the best campaigns in South America, a 5-star score on Clutch, and some notable clients (which include Taboola and Getty Images).

Top video marketing agencies in Europe

Looking to build video marketing campaigns in Europe? Here are some agencies you might want to consider.


Casual video marketing agency

Casual is a video agency based in London. Their website speaks for itself, showing they’re not all about looks: their entire philosophy is based on old-fashioned good communication principles, flawless processes, and innovation.

Why they landed on our list: Casual manages to have the vibe of an old-school Mad Men-esque agency while being properly anchored in the present. They also have a flawless 5-star score on Clutch from nearly 50 clients and a very impressive portfolio that includes names like Chanel, CapitalOne, Adobe, Vodafone, and GoDaddy.


Shoot You video marketing agency

Synima, (formerly Shoot You), is a global award-winning video content creation agency. Based in the United Kingdom, they’ve been around for more than 22 years and their founders worked at BBC before founding this agency. Their services include film, video and animations, as well as digital/online marketing services (such as brochures and interactive web pages).

Why they landed on our list: Shoot You has a 4.9-star score on Clutch and a mighty impressive studio that features a kitchen set, an in-house render farm, and the ability to build sets for pretty much any brief. They also have a pretty posh portfolio that includes J.P. Morgan and Honeywell, which adds to their appeal.

Blue Carrot

Blue Carrot video marketing agency

Blue Carrot has its HQ in Krakow, Poland, and they provide a wide range of services in the video production realm: marketing videos of any kind, explainer videos, and even 2D and 3D animations.

Why they landed on our list: Blue Carrot has a 5-star score on Clutch, a series of videos that showcase their abilities, and a list of previous clients that includes the United Nations.

Best video marketing agencies in Africa

Do you want to enter the African market and ensure your videos are on point? These video content agencies in Africa might help.

African Media Agency

African Media Agency video marketing agency

African Media Agency is a public relations and digital creative agency with offices in New York, Cote D’Ivoire, and Uganda. On the African continent, they are present in 18 countries, both francophone and anglophone. They have built their agency on values like passion, ethics, and diversity, which positions them in a unique place.

Why they landed on our list: Their services are comprehensive and their track record of success is quite impressive. Previous clients include The African Development Bank, Western Union, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Oracle, and Qatar Airways.

Pulse Africa

Pulse Africa video marketing agency

Pulse Africa is a media company with headquarters in Nigeria and a presence in six African countries. They provide 360 digital and media services, and they have their own media companies set up in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Senegal.

Why they landed on our list: Their list of case studies is very interesting, with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Nike, Kenya Commercial Bank, Pilsner, Jameson, Maybelline, and Toyota being on just some of their previous projects.

Six Degrees

Six Degrees Productions video marketing agency

Based in South Africa, Six Degrees offers a wide range of services—including, but not limited to, video marketing. Although their main focus lies on providing in-flight entertainment, they also provide corporate communications services from A to Z (from equipment sourcing to scripting and the actual video production.)

Why they landed on our list: their portfolio is captivating. It doesn’t just show creativity and high-quality video production, but also full adaptation to the market. Some of the names included in their list of case studies include Ford, Isuzu, and Thomson Reuters.

Top video marketing agencies in Asia

Looking for the best video marketing agency in Asia? The following are definitely worth considering.

Kasra Design

Kasra Design video marketing agency

Kasra Design was founded in 2011, and one look at reviews previous customers had about them shows this agency’s experience is real and valuable. They are based in Singapore and Malaysia, with an office in the United States. They provide every type of video service you can imagine: explained videos, 3D animated videos, motion graphics, video production, and more.

Why they landed on our list: They have a 4.8-star rating on Clutch, which caught our eye. They’ve also worked with some pretty big names (and the results speak for themselves). Clients in Kasra Design’s portfolio include Panasonic, Shell, Schneider Electric, Pepsico, and WWF.

Chips and Toon

Chips and Toon video marketing agency

Focused on animations, Chips and Toon can help your business with commercial and shorts, and even original content ideas—so if you’re looking for someone to create engaging and unique animations, they’re your people. Their HQ is in Singapore and they’ve been around since 2006.

Why they landed on our list: This is a video agency with a pretty specific niche (animations), which they really excel at. Their animations are vibrant, original, and can really dot the i’s and cross the t’s when it comes to branding. Just one look at their website will help you understand what they’re all about.

Best video marketing agencies in Oceania

If you’re looking for a video production agency in New Zealand, Australia, or anywhere in Oceania, you might want to check out the following.

Radical Orange

Radical Orange video marketing agency

Radical Orange is one of the best video marketing companies based in Sydney (and with offices in Hong Kong). They specialize in social videos, promos, documentaries, and corporate explainer videos (among others)—all of which are delivered at the highest standards of quality.

Why they landed on our list: Radical Orange struck us as a radically professional agency. They are clearly filmmakers with a lot of experience in what they do—and their portfolio speaks louder than words. Names they’ve worked with include Fiji Airways, The United Nations, Tourism Australia, Huawei, and Volkswagen.

Oceania Productions

Oceania Productions video marketing agency

Based in Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand, Oceania Productions is all about event marketing in style. Among other services (like audio, lighting, and staging), they can also help clients with visuals for their events.

Why they landed on our list: They have a clearly defined niche, they provide excellent quality, and their portfolio shows a cohesive story. Plus, they worked with names like Rolls Royce, Fatboy Slim, and the New Zealand Fashion Week.


Vidico video marketing agency

Vidico is a video production agency based in Melbourne, Australia. They provided video production services for startups, SaaS businesses, eCommerce stores, and Enterprise companies. They can also help you with a wide range of types of video you may need: explainers, app videos, animations, and walkthrough videos.

Why they landed on our list: They have a 4.9-star rating on Clutch, and their previous customers have very nice things to say about them. They also have a very interesting portfolio, which includes clients like Airtable, Uber Eats, and Square.

How to choose the best video marketing agency

Whether you need a couple of video ads or multilingual corporate videos, you should look at your video marketing agency as more than a service provider. You should see them as your partner in your journey to success.

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So, how can you make sure you choose the right partner? Here are some tips to help you out.

Understand your needs

Before making any decisions or commitments, be sure that you clearly understand what type of video content you need and why. This will help ensure you choose an agency with the right skills and knowledge to meet your requirements. For instance, you might want to white label your services. In such cases, make sure to choose a white label video editor.

Understand your audience

Take the time to research and analyze your target audience. It is essential to understand their likes, dislikes, interests, and preferences so that you can choose a video production agency that will create content that resonates with them.

Research different agencies

Do not rush into a decision — take the time to explore different options. Look at their portfolio and read reviews to better understand the agencies you’re considering.

Talk to potential agencies

Once you have narrowed down your list, talk to potential agencies. Ask them questions about their process, pricing, timeline, and other details to help you make an informed decision.


Choosing the right video marketing agency is essential for the success of your business. Take the time to research and assess different agencies to find the best partner for your project. Remember that it’s not just about finding the most affordable option—it’s about finding an agency with the right skills, knowledge, and experience to help you create engaging content.

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