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Last updated on February 29th, 2024

Top 8 White Label Referral Software Options in 2024

Referral marketing is one of the strongest assets you have to drive new leads and clients to your agency. Finding software that helps you kick-start your referral marketing isn’t easy, though. There are countless white label tools for agencies to choose from—but which is the right one?

One thing is certain, the time and effort you’ll spend on research are worth it. Referral campaigns generate more leads than any other type of campaigns—and a customer base that has been referred to you is more likely to recommend you to their own peers.

If you want your referral and affiliate marketing campaigns to be as efficient as possible, you need the right tools. White label software for referral marketing can give your campaigns an edge over the competition, while making it easier to manage, track and reward referrals.

What is white label referral software?

White label referral software is a digital solution designed to facilitate and manage referral marketing programs and campaigns, but without any direct branding from the software provider. These solutions allow businesses to incorporate their own branding, logos and design elements, effectively making the software appear as its own proprietary technology.

In addition to managing referrals, such programs offer features like tracking  analytics. Businesses can leverage these tools to drive customer acquisition, enhance brand visibility, and bolster sales. Using white label software enables organizations to benefit from complex technology without investing in its development from scratch, all while providing a seamless brand experience to their users or referrers.

8 best white label referral software options

With the sheer amount of white label referral software solutions to choose from, which is worth a look? Here are the top referral marketing tools you should be looking at.

1) Service Provider Pro: perfect for agencies

Service Provider Pro affiliate management for agencies

Service Provider Pro (SPP) is a tool designed for agencies to scale their operations and centralize their data. It comes with features for billing, order management, and a built-in referral system. The client portal can also be white-labeled, so it looks like it was developed by you, in-house.

Some of SPPs referral features include:

  • built-in affiliate management

  • manually approve commissions

  • tracking of all referral sales

  • full control over the end-user experience

  • supports PayPal mass payments via a CSV file

  • integrations with many tools such as Mailchimp, Google Analytics and Zapier

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You can try SPP for free, for 14 days. After that, you can choose from one of the three pricing plans available:

  • Basic (suitable for small businesses, at $129/month)

  • Pro (suitable for established agencies, at $299/month)

  • Plus (for large agencies, at $1,500/month)

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All in all SPP is an excellent choice for agencies and freelancers who want an easy-to-understand referral marketing solution to scale their campaigns quickly and efficiently. Built specifically for this industry, SPP allows for full customization and branding to match your brand. Your clients and affiliates will never feel like they’re redirected to a different platform.


2) SaaSquatch: good choice for tech businesses

SaaSquatch white label affiliate referral software for tech business

SaaSquatch is a referral and loyalty platform built for the SaaS and tech industry’s referral, loyalty, and affiliate programs.

This platform enables you to reward customers with gift cards, points, credit, discounts, product features and upgrades, as well as custom rewards and cash (handled through third-party API integrations).

They are integrated with a variety of tools, including payment providers, customer relationship management software, and Salesforce, all of which are meant to help you automate as many referral-related processes as possible.

SaaSquatch’s pricing starts at $1,750/month, and they offer two standardized plans, as well as a custom plan. They don’t have a free plan or a trial, but they can offer you a free demo if you want to see how the platform works.

3) Viral Loops: perfect for content creators

Viral Loops white label referral software for content creators

Viral Loops is a referral marketing software built for newsletter creators, eCommerce businesses, fintech industry, and startups. Their entire platform is designed to help you run successful referral campaigns and increase retention and engagement.

It comes with features that enable you to create referral campaigns, send automated emails to your customers, and to track campaign results via a live dashboard. Viral Loops is integrated with a range of tools (including Slack, Facebook, and MailChimp) to help you automate your processes. However, it is worth mentioning that this tool isn’t white label per se, but you can brand your campaigns with their no-coding template editor.

They have four pricing plans, with the lowest one starting at $35/month. The next two plans are priced at $69/month and $208/month, and the last (highest) tier is an enterprise plan that comes at custom pricing (depending on your needs.) They also have a free 14-day trial you can try for up to 100 participants, just in case you want to give the platform a test run.

4) Tapfiliate: a general tool for affiliate tracking

Tapfiliate white label referral tool for affiliate tracking

Tapfiliate is a white label affiliate tracking and referral platform, built for businesses of any size. It comes with a lot of features focused on customization, enabling you to personalize the look and feel of your campaigns, including branded dashboards for affiliates, as well as branded social media messages.

This platform integrates with a range of tools, including WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and more, to help you automate your referral campaigns and connect the data directly to your CMS or marketing tools.

Tapfiliate’s pricing starts at $59/month for the most basic plan. They have three other pricing tiers, at $89/month, $149/month, as well as a custom enterprise plan.

5) Ambassador: for companies of all sizes

Ambassador white label referral software for companies of all sizes

Ambassador is an affiliate software meant to help businesses of all sizes build compelling brand ambassador programs. The main idea behind it is that you can turn your customers into your best evangelists; people who are happy to recommend you to others because they are not just satisfied with your products/services, but also incentivized to do so.

Some of the main features include omnichannel capabilities, eCommerce integrations, cash payouts, advanced analytics, enterprise-level security, coupon codes, multi-language support, and more.

The pricing of the referral program software starts at $1,000/month, and this plan allows you to get up to 100,000 ambassadors in your program, as well as run up to 5 campaigns. The other two plans are custom priced, but it is worth mentioning that the white label affiliate software features are only available starting with the second-tier plan.

6) ReferralCandy: built for eCommerce

ReferralCandy white label referral software built for eCommerce

Built for eCommerce businesses with at least 100 transactions/month, ReferralCandy allows you to automate referral campaigns to attract more customers and sales to your online store.

ReferralCandy comes with a snippet you can embed on your site to get people drawn to your referral program from the moment they join. Furthermore, they also offer a lot of other features, like custom rewards and integrations with all major eCommerce platforms and with custom stores.

The word-of-mouth marketing platform promises you will pay for successful transactions only, so their entire pricing strategy is built around this. They have three pricing tiers, starting at $59/month plus commission fees on each transaction. The lowest pricing plan comes with a 3.5% commission fee, while the middle-tiered one (at $299/month) comes with a 1.5% commission fee.

It is worth mentioning that ReferralCandy is not a white label solution per se—but it does have a white label add-on that allows you to add custom HTML and CSS to your emails, to make them unique to your brand.

7) Voucherify: ideal for marketers

Voucherify white label referral software ideal for marketers

Voucherify is a white label referral solution created for marketers, product managers, and developers. The tool is quite solid, with features that cover personalized coupons, cart-level promotions, digital gift cards, loyalty programs, geofencing, and more.

Although Voucherify does offer a white label solution, it is worth mentioning that it is only available at the enterprise level. Their pricing starts at $0/month, but for the free plan you can test out the tool at 500 API calls/month and a maximum of 100 API calls per hour. Their next pricing tiers costs $179/month, followed by $419/month and $629/month—all of which are available for a 30-day free trial. The enterprise plan is customizable and it is the only plan that includes a customizable dashboard.

8) Rewardful: targets SaaS companies

Rewardful white label referral software targets SaaS companies

Rewardful is a tool built for SaaS companies that want to turn their most loyal customers into marketers by incentivizing them to spread the word about the tools they like. While built for SaaS companies, it’s also a great tool for agencies.

Thanks to Rewardful’s features, companies can start a referral program and track the success of their campaigns quickly and easily. Noteworthy features include customer lifecycle automated adjustments, customer segmentation, and referral tracking. Moreover, Rewardful has white label capabilities as well, so you can customize your referral campaigns however you like.

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Rewardful’s pricing is based on a subscription model, with plans starting at $29/month and going to $49/month, $99/month, and $299/month. They also have an Enterprise-level plan, which comes with custom pricing.

Frequently asked questions

How can I customize this white-label referral software to fit with my brand’s look and feel?

The customization of referral tracking software is typically a key feature of such platforms. Most white-label solutions provide a range of customization options to allow businesses to align the platform with their brand’s visual elements. These can include adapting color schemes, logos, fonts and layout designs to reflect the brand identity.

Are there any free referral tracking systems?

Voucherify has a free plan that allows anyone to test the software without having to pay money. The only downside is that it creates a sandbox account that cannot be used for live projects.

Does the referral app with analytics to track the success of the referral program?

Referral analytics are a key part of software that allows you to turn customers into brand ambassadors. In most cases, you will want to reward them for their referrals, so you need to know who they have referred.

Build your referral program

White label referral software programs can be an excellent option for agencies looking to get new customers via the refer-a-friend method. Whether you’re looking to increase customer lifetime value and engagement, boost sales, or motivate people to recommend your agency or service—affiliate and referral tools can be a great asset to your company.


Which software you choose depends on what your business does and the specific features you’re looking for.

TapMango is a good all-round tool; PayKickstart is made for subscription businesses; Voucherify is a great tool for personalizing and customizing coupon campaigns. SPP, on the other hand, has been designed specifically for agencies, which means that the entire solution is tailored to their needs.

Likewise, whether you need a white label solution depends on how you run your business. If you want your campaigns to be 100% branded (from dashboard domain to colors), you will want to look for a tool that enables you to do that. If, however, you are looking for basic customization, then you can get away with a tool that doesn’t have white label features.

Pricing, integrations, automation, and marketing features should all be considered when looking for white label referral software too. Last, but definitely not least, check what your customers and affiliate partners have to say about your chosen tool as well.

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