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Automated Payment Tracking

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SPP has been a lifesaver. It quickly turned my clunky old process of retainer clients into a seamless productized service.
Johnathan Solorzano, Founder
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Johnathan Solorzano
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Client Payment Tracker FAQ

What is a payment tracker?

A payment tracker is a dedicated app or solution that automates payment tracking. For instance, if you use Stripe for payment processing, events can be sent to your invoicing software, and mark invoices as paid.

How do you keep track of payments from clients?

Most payment processors are able to send events that allow you to keep track of payments. Paired up with software such as Service Provider Pro, issued invoices can be marked automatically as paid or overdue.

What is the purpose of payment tracker?
The idea behind a payment tracker is to reduce the workload by automatically tracking invoice payments, but also unpaid invoices, and send notifications to clients.
Can banks track payments?
Most banks don’t track payments unless they support payment processing (via debit or credit cards). Some have an API that allows you to build a solution that will track them for you.
Why is it important to keep track of payments?
As a business, you want to ensure that you’re paid for your services in time. Furthermore, you should be automating this process to reduce manual work.
What is the best way to track invoices?
A client portal software such as allows you to fully track invoices. They are marked as overdue if the due date is missed, or as paid once a payment has been received via a payment processor (Stripe or PayPal).
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