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SPP organizes your payments, clients, orders, and messages in one place...

Easily build order forms

Instead of having a bunch of unnecessary checkout steps like with traditional shopping carts, you get powerful one-page order forms designed for selling services.

Drag and drop your fields on your form, add options for your services and include any other fields for payment method selection, coupon code, file upload or spreadsheet data.

SPP order form

Keep track of payments

SPP logs all your payments, whether it's for one-time or recurring services. Know when a customer was billed, when their subscription was canceled or if a payment has failed. All transactions go directly to your own payment processor and we never charge transaction fees.

Payment processor integrations

Collect project information

Asking customers to fill out lengthy forms during checkout can cause confusion and hurt sales. With SPP you can let clients order now and provide the details later.

When they're ready, they simply log in and submit your intake form to start the order. Your team is notified and can begin working on the project.

Data collection form

Never miss a message

Think of orders in SPP like helpdesk tickets. All client and team messages show up in one place, so there's always a clear log of who said what and when. You can attach files, format your messages, and save common replies much like you'd do in email.

Order messages
  • Respond via email There's no need to sign in to send a message. Simply reply to the email notification and your message will be posted.
  • See when a message has been opened SPP can tell you if and when a client has seen your message, whether it's in their email inbox or the Client Panel.
  • Follow and unfollow any order Keep your inbox clean by choosing which orders you're notified about.
Joe Mongan

If you’re a service based business, I would not hesitate recommending SPP. We knew clients would like the dashboard, but the staff does too. The built-in affiliate system and coupon management features seal the deal for me.

Joseph Mongan of Rankit

Improve customer experience

Get a self-service Client Panel where customers can manage their orders, see their subscriptions and download invoices. They can also deposit funds or save their payment information to easily make future purchases.

SPP Client Panel

Deliver orders with ease

As a service-based business, you rely on your team, virtual assistants or outsourced contractors. Now you can keep everyone on the same page by giving them limited access to your order management system.

In the orders list, you can see the status of each order, who's working on it, how many messages are in it along with any custom tags you've set. And if there's an unread message – you'll see that too.

Order management
  • Filter by order status Instantly see which stage of the process each order is in.
  • See what needs to be done Follow deadlines and deal with highest priority orders first.
  • Quickly tag orders Add another level of organization to your list.

Customize everything

Make the Client Portal your own by customizing messages, navigation items, email notifications, and forms.

Want to dig into code and make even more changes? Thanks to our powerful templating system that's possible as well.

Template customization
Revenue dashboard

Follow your business metrics

  • Account dashboard Shows your revenue numbers, new clients, average order value and sales breakdown by service.
  • See how your team is doing Keep an eye on staff response times, their interactions with customers, and get the full history of what happened in each order.
  • Set & track deadlines See at a glance which orders are due soon, which have missed a deadline, and the completion time for finished orders.

Connect your marketing software

Subscribe and tag users in your ActiveCampaign, Aweber or MailChimp lists based on the services they purchase. Or use the Zapier integration to seamlessly connect SPP with 1,000+ other platforms.

ActiveCampaign, Aweber, MailChimp and Zapier integrations
Xavier Clapin-Pépin

SPP allows our business to focus on the day to day operations instead of wasting precious time to build and manage payment systems and CRM. Their new fluid-width responsive design is exactly what we need considering the majority of our leads come from mobile devices. It was easy to get started with video documentation and technical support!

Xavier Clapin-Pépin of

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