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Do Productized Services Really Work?

Running a services agency means you’re always on the lookout for better ways to conduct business. Whether you’re looking to improve your service offerings or make it easier for your customers to convert, your business’s effectiveness is always on your mind.

If you’re not already productizing your services, you’re probably curious whether productized services will work for you. You’ve heard the tales of scaling by productizing offerings, and the idea sounds enticing. But like any reasonable service provider, you want more information.

We appreciate skepticism, and we understand how restructuring your offerings is a big change. However, if you do decide to productize your services, we want you to know our productized service software makes the conversion and management of your agency easier.

In this article, we’ll discuss several key aspects of making your productized service work for you with SPP.

Productizing your general services

Before productizing, you should already be providing general services. With your experience providing these services, you’ll determine the best way to productize your services.

Does one service sell better than others? Do some services go hand-in-hand with others? For example, if you’re offering content marketing services, it might make sense to productize a package containing SEO and month-to-month content creation.

Without accurate insight, productizing services is the equivalent of offering something new without a proven path to follow. Think of this method as being blindfolded and throwing a dart at a dartboard. You want the blindfold off when it comes time to productize your services.

While this scaling strategy isn’t an end-all-be-all solution to your scaling woes, it comes with a host of benefits. However, even though you can scale with this method, you’ll still need to put in the work.

Talking with customers is still crucial

Even though you’re making your services more accessible to your customers, you’ll still have to speak with them. This is especially true if your price is higher.

Keeping in touch with customers, especially loyal customers, is essential to scaling. These customers have already made a purchase, so they’re likely to come back for more. Showing them you value their support will go a long way in retaining them, as well.

Loyal customers are an asset to your business. Once they choose your brand’s services, it’s your responsibility to keep in touch. If you regularly speak with your customers, they’ll become the foundation of your business.

It’s impossible to sell to someone who isn’t listening. Speaking with your customers will keep their ears open to your offerings. As you introduce new productized service offerings, they’ll be the first to know –– and the first to buy.

Offering a self-service model encourages more sales

What would happen if your customers could upgrade your services at any time? If you’re providing quality services, you’d probably increase your business’s revenue.

This is the purpose of offering customer self-service. Once a customer is in your business’s system, they need to know what they can do as a customer.

Let’s say you’re operating a month-to-month content marketing service. While your clients initially become part of your system on a monthly content curation plan, you could offer add-ons that your customers can purchase in your client panel.

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You could offer graphic design for social media content or guest posting for authoritative backlinks. Even though your primary offering is the monthly service, these add-ons really add up, largely contributing to your business’s revenue.

Publishing your pricing is a good thing

All too often, we’re seeing service providers lacking transparency in their pricing. Rather than offering their pricing outright, they force customers to send an inquiry.

Publishing pricing is not a bad thing. While the common belief is that showing pricing drives customers away, the truth is more rational.

Think about how a grocery store operates. You walk in, you shop for products, you take your choices to the register, pay, and leave.

Now imagine if the grocery store didn’t show pricing for each item. Consumers would have to inquire about every product they’re considering, and the streamlined checkout process would disappear.

By having the pricing for each product, grocery stores help customers choose products for themselves. The consumer doesn’t waste time with products they can’t afford, and there’s no need to question whether the product is worth the price because the pricing is visible already.

Publishing your pricing encourages your customers to convert by being transparent about the monetary trade-off for the value you’re offering with your services. However, you’re also saving time by discouraging customers who can’t afford your services.

If you switch to the productized business model, you’re creating clean-cut services that are ready to sell. This gives you the ability to publish accurate pricing –– and drive conversions in the process.

Concluding on the efficacy of productized services

As you can see, productizing your services brings a host of benefits for scaling. You’re taking your effective services, productizing them, and increasing their salability. This leads to more sales and improves your business’s scalability.

To make a long story short, productizing your services will work for you. This strategy makes your services easier to sell and upgrade, and if you maintain contact with your customers and are transparent about your pricing, your efforts will result in success.Productizing your services and staying in touch with customers is easier with SPP. We’re helping our users make more sales and maintain high customer satisfaction rates, resulting in millions of dollars in projects being completed each week, and we’ll do the same for you.

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Founder of SPP
Chris started Service Provider Pro back in 2014 as a way to help automate a video production agency he was running at the time. Being early to productized services, he was frustrated with having to piecemeal different tools and services and ended up building an all-in-one client portal platform for himself and a few friends. That eventually took off and now Chris helps agency owners scale through software and systems.

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