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How To Productize A Service: Making & Implementing Decisions With SPP

Regardless of how long you’ve been in business, productizing your services comes with a plethora of benefits. Productizing your way to a predictable income you can build upon is life-changing. However, it’ll take some time to reach that level of productized success.

Service Provider Pro gives you powerful tools for productized service success. But we’ll discuss that a little later on. For now, I’ll explain how to productize your services before discussing how we simplify offering them to your clients. 

Determining which productized services to offer

Keep these tips in mind as you’re considering which services you’ll productize:

1. Understand your clients’ needs 

If you don’t already know what could help your clients, then some research is necessary. Find out what they fear, what they want, and what could help to make their businesses more competitive in their industries. 

As a business owner, it’s essential to provide value to your clients and you can’t provide real value without knowing their needs. Your service should be a packaged solution to those needs.

2. Review your metrics

How long has each of your services been offered? How do your current services contribute to your success? Are any of your services lacking sales? What makes these services different from your more successful services?

Build off of these metrics to offer productized versions of services that are already successful. Revise unsuccessful services to offer a productized version that provides a solution to a specific problem.

It’s also important to trim the excess services you’re offering. If a service isn’t in demand, there’s no point in distracting clients from the services they need.

3. Check your support history

Scan your support inbox for reasons clients stopped using your services, any objections and problems they experienced. You may find shortcomings in your services, or the way they’re delivered.

For example, if you notice customers regularly asking for progress updates consider implementing a self service portal where they can see the status of their orders in real time.

4. Ask your best customers for insight

Who are your favorite customers? The ones responsible for a good chunk of your revenue while requiring minimal handholding along the way – I’m sure you have a few clients like that.

Reach out to these clients to find what attracted them to your agency in the first place, and gather insights into bringing in more people like them.

5. Talk to other people in your industry

Not everyone in your space is in a direct competition with you. You’ll learn a lot about business and your customers just from talking to other service providers they use. It could be through industry forums, Slack groups or in-person events.

By openly sharing ideas and helping others solve their problems, you’ll expose yourself to more opportunities, collaborations and joint ventures in the future.

How To Productize Your Services With Service Provider Pro.

While the switch to offering productized your services might seem complicated, Service Provider Pro takes the hard work out of the equation. You don’t need an e-commerce build-out or a web developer — SPP will directly integrate with your website.

With SPP, you’re adding incredible features to your website; features that’ll make productizing your services a breeze. Once you create your admin account, you can get started on adding the productized services you decided on offering.

You’ll begin by choosing the Services menu. Click Add New to create a service. Then you’ll configure the options in accord with your productized service.

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General service options

Service name — The service name is visible to customers in order forms and the client panel.

Description — Include a short description of the service. This description is visible in order forms and on your services page.

Price — You can choose between setting a one-time price or a recurring price. You can also create a free trial by setting the trial price to 0. If you’d like to charge a setup fee, you’ll set the trial price to the initial payment.

Recurring service options

Choose what happens once you accept a subscription payment with the following:

  • Keep working in the same order — Once the order is complete, its status will change back to Working.

  • Create a new order — This triggers the creation of one or more new orders each time you accept a subscription payment.

  • Let clients request new orders as they need them — So long as the client has an active subscription, they can request one or more new orders directly from their client panel Orders page.

Other options

Show in services page — This option lets you include this service in the services page of your client panel.

Group multiple quantities — The default of purchasing multiple quantities adds each purchase as a separate order. Enabling this option makes it so purchases with more than one service quantity display as a single order.

Assign to a team member — This option will automatically assign all orders of this particular service to the team member of your choice.

Set a deadline — This is how you’ll set an internal deadline that’s visible to your team, allowing them to see how much time is left to deliver the service. The countdown starts once the client has provided project data (if required).

Service variants

Through the service variants, you can set one fixed or recurring price. For your advanced services, you can show clients the variants you’re offering.

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Through the example above, the guest post service includes two configurable options: Domain Authority and Word Count. Once the client selects an option, they’ll see the price.

To set your variants, go to the Variants tab as you’re editing your service. This is where you’ll set your variant categories and the options for each variant.

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SPP will automatically populate the list of available combinations. Then, you can set the price for each option combination. If any option pairs are unavailable together, you can uncheck them to ensure you’re not offering them to your clients.

After setting up your services, they will become available to registered users in your Client Panel. To bring on new clients it’s best to set up an order form which will take care of registration and payment for your customers.

Finally, you can add links to your order forms to your website or post them on a forum and start getting those clients.

As you can see, when it comes to productizing services, SPP streamlines the process. We’re helping our users sell millions of dollars in services every month, and we can do the same for you.

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