How To Track Tasks & Keep Clients Happy

Are you having trouble keeping up with the demand for your services? Do your clients get frustrated due to a lack of organization? Have you found it difficult to communicate effectively with teammates and clients?

We’ve all been there. Fortunately, these common problems are easy to resolve.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to track tasks and some tips on establishing expectations, meeting those expectations, and keeping clients loyal to your service.

1. Track the value of your services

Keeping track of the value your productized services bring your clients is helpful. You’ll always know what your service is doing for each client as a result.

Understanding how your services help clients makes it easier to determine what you can change to make your services better. In essence, you’ll know what you should continue focusing on to produce the best results.

2. Set the right expectations

Setting the right expectations helps to build trust with new clients and foster client relationships over time.

Initially, find out what your clients want and what they expect from you. When you communicate your desire to learn about your clients’ wants, needs, and expectations, you’re opening the line for communication. Being conscious of what your clients expect will help you to make adjustments for success.

3. Use a system

Keep all tasks, files, discussions, milestones, and any other aspects of your company’s workload on hand. There will always be a time when presenting some information about your interactions together will become necessary.

With this being the case, it’s best to be prepared and have this information easy to find and readily accessible. Have the right centralized system in place to ensure every aspect of your company’s interactions with its clients is stored and easy to access.

4. Maintain high quality

Begin focusing on the quality of your services by establishing quality management standards. Whether you’re helping websites gain more traffic, offering content writing services, or something else — you want to guarantee the quality of all deliverables before delivering.

5. Add everything to your calendar

Having and maintaining a calendar will keep your company organized. From tasks to client meetings, milestones, and more, you should always have a schedule.

A calendar boosts efficiency and improves productivity. All in all, a calendar keeps clients in-the-know as you set and manage their expectations effectively.

6. Make your schedule in advance

Planning ahead ensures you know what tasks you have to complete, as well as a deadline to guarantee the timeliness of deliverables. Analyzing the big picture ensures every task has a purpose as well.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Planning accordingly means you can add to your workload without impacting how you interact with other clients. So prepare everything in advance to become more efficient and effective in your actions.

7. Create project timelines

Timelines are an often-overlooked component of planning. These are estimates that will help you determine and promote timely deliveries for everything you do.

When you track your tasks, you gain insight regarding the time it takes to deliver your services. Thus, you’ll find it easier to create an accurate timeline for your team and clients.

8. Say no to out-of-scope tasks

Every service provider wants to give their clients the world. But unfortunately, focusing on tasks outside of the scope of your services could set you up for failure.

Stick with the services you offer. It’s ideal to deliver perfection in what you know rather than taking on unnecessary risk. So don’t be afraid to say “no” if something is outside of your realm of expertise.

9. Don’t take on too many clients

Understand your capabilities. There are only so many hours in a day. While you might be efficient, you need to determine the workload you can handle.

Servicing too many clients can adversely impact the experience of all of your clients. Although the idea is to grow, expanding your business too fast will cause growing pains that could ultimately damage client satisfaction.

Posted by Louis