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Last updated on October 11th, 2023

White Label Invoicing Software to Boost Your Brand

Key points

  1. White-label invoicing software can help agencies save time and streamline their billing process by automating invoice creation, tracking, and payment reminders.
  2. Using white-label invoicing software can enhance an agency's brand by providing customized, professional-looking invoices.
  3. Modern white-label invoicing software tracks failed payments, reducing the need for manual follow-ups.

Invoicing used to be a tedious task you had to do manually—not anymore. Modern solutions make invoicing, in many cases, fully automated. And thanks to white labeling capabilities, the invoices feature your own branding.

What should a company look for when it comes to white label invoicing software, though?

What is white label invoicing software?

Gone are the days when you had to write invoices by hand. Thanks to modern software, you can invoice your clients easier than ever before. And most companies use dedicated software to handle the invoice creation. Popular tools such as QuickBooks or Xero make it very easy. Even payment processors have realized that they should help their clients with invoice generation. Stripe, for instance, can generate invoices for you.

With that said, Stripe’s invoicing capabilities are rather limited, so companies are looking for something they can customize to their liking. White label billing software gives them greater control over invoices. For instance, they can add notes to an invoice, manually create invoices, make them recurring, and even register partial payments. Of course, you can apply your own logo to your invoice, especially your logo. Ideally, the white label SaaS platform should also allow you to make changes to the invoice template.

10 features your white label billing software should have

When you research white label billing software, there are a few features you should look for.

1. Branding & customization

Nobody wants their invoices to feature the logo of another company. Some invoicing solutions are free, but you cannot get rid of the branding of the company. A better solution is to opt for a white label invoicing software that allows you to upload your own logo, and make changes to the existing template. Service Provider Pro automatically adds your uploaded logo to your invoices, and puts your company details on it as well.

customize SPP white label invoicing software

If you need to make changes to the standard invoice template, you can do so with the template editor. Thanks to the powerful Twig templating engine, you can create all kinds of conditions, and show different data based on the invoiced services. Or, you can show to a certain group of clients information.

2. Recurring invoicing

If you need to invoice a client regularly, you don’t want to manually create it every time. A handy option is to make an invoice recurring, so it’s generated automatically every month, every quarter, or every year.

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SPP’s recurring invoice option is a great alternative when you don’t want to create a Stripe/PayPal subscription, or if the client pays via a bank transfer.

Sharing invoices could be easier if the white label billing solution allows you to share links. That’s possible with SPP’s invoicing feature: it creates two sorts of links:

  1. A public link with a unique ID that can be accessed by anyone; a great way to get new clients to pay an invoice.

  2. A private link that requires existing customers to log into the portal first.

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The great thing about the first link is that a client account is also created upon successful payment. This allows your customer to get access to their invoices, manage subscriptions, and more.

4. Subscription management

Speaking of subscriptions, if you sell recurring services, you might want to give your customers a way to manage them. In SPP, there’s an option that you can activate for this purpose. Clients are able to upgrade/downgrade existing subscriptions, or cancel it entirely. By giving them the option to manage subscriptions, you remove manual work for your team.

SPP admin setting allow subscription self-service

With that said, you might not want to allow customers to cancel without reaching out. Thanks to the template editor, you can make changes and only allow clients to upgrade or downgrade a subscription. And if they want to cancel? You could link that option with a contact form.

5. Tax & VAT support

Taxes are a complicated subject in many countries—one you don’t want to get wrong. Modern white label billing solutions take care of the calculations, so you don’t have to worry about them. If you’re based in Europe, and you deal with business customers, the software should also check if an entered VAT ID is valid. This check is done automatically by SPP during invoice payment.

6. Payment processing

Sending an invoice and manually checking up on a payment is a tedious task. Luckily, Service Provider Pro integrates with Stripe and PayPal for automated payment processing.

SPP payment processing invoice marked as paid

If the payment is confirmed, invoices are marked as paid. This is pretty much instant with debit and credit cards, for SEPA and ACH it might take a bit longer to confirm the payment.


7. Manual discounts

When you create invoices, you might be interested in discounting services. Any invoicing tool should allow this natively, after all, it should be clear how much the original price is, and how much your client is saving. In SPP, there’s a field that allows you to apply discounts. For recurring services, the discount will be applied to upcoming invoices as well.

8. Failed payment recovery

When your business relies on recurring revenue, nothing is more complicated than taking care of failed payments. With your invoicing being fully automated, shouldn’t failed payments also be taken care of?

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Yes, and they are with SPP. If a card payment fails, the software will attempt to charge the payment method on file a few more times. On top of that, a failed payment email is sent to the client, allowing them to take action to ensure the payment goes through.

9. Email sending

Issuing invoices often requires sending them to the client. You could do that manually, but the invoicing tool should allow you to send it via email with one click.

SPP send email notification invoice

In SPP, you can check the “Send email notification” box, and an email goes out to the client with the generated invoice.

10. Custom currencies

If your customers are spread all across the globe, they might not want to pay invoices in your default currency. Service Provider Pro allows you to change the default currency, matching it with the local currency of your client.

Closing thoughts

Invoicing doesn’t have to be a tedious task anymore. Thanks to modern, white-labeled solutions, you can automate most of your invoicing. And the best of all, everything is on brand, making your business look professional.

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