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Selling Podcast Editing at Scale with Podblade

Today’s featured agency is Podblade, a provider of low cost podcast editing, social media, graphics, and other podcast related services.

Given how one of their biggest selling points is cost, they really make up for it in scale – Podblade is a team of 12 currently serving over 140 podcasters.

Here’s a quick video from CEO Apple Crider on why they decided to transition everything over to SPP…

Video transcript

Service Provider Pro really stood above everybody else just because of all that it encompassed. I mean there are things that you could do with SPP, all of which were exactly the things that we needed to do, whether or not we even knew that we needed to do those things, but having everything in one spot.

At first I was kind of worried that it wasn’t going to to do all the things that we needed and I was a bit concerned with that. But when, when I saw that like okay these guys are focused on service based providers, we are a service based provider, let’s just try this out and see what happens.

My name is Apple Crider I’m the CEO of Podblade. We are a low cost podcast editing company.

Podcasters can take those kind of annoying side tasks that go along with podcasting off of their plates and things like editing, writing up transcriptions, doing the social media jazz, emails, all that good stuff.

Before switching over to SPP, we had a very messy setup, I’m not going to lie. It was distracting me from actually spending time growing my business because I was just trying to keep my head afloat of all of these different services to try to make everything talk to each other and it was a huge, huge headache that was just totally unnecessary.

SPP has really been our one stop shop for a whole lot of things with our business because they basically, the value proposition to us is that they have everything in one spot.

From sending invoices to tracking order statuses to managing our team and their workflow, because we have a team of about 12 people and with SPP, basically each of them has a login, they just log in, they see what orders are assigned to them and they just start working.

So that’s all taken care of. The payment processing is taken care of. The order forms are taken care of. Literally once a client is in our ecosystem, all they’re doing is taking actions on our SPP page. And it’s just so seamless that it is absolutely one of the most seamless processes.

Their support team over at SPP, we know each other quite well at this point. I have sent in easily over a hundred support tickets over my time where I got SPP and they’re super responsive and they’re always very willing to hear customer feedback and potentially take that into, into account going forward.

Having SPP as your kind of central hub where your clients are going to interact, your team is going to be, you’re going to be able to manage everything from the top. It’s, it’s really, really nice. Really streamlines a lot of things.

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