White Label Reseller Programs

8 White Label Reseller Programs You Should Give a Try

White label services are gaining traction, and there’s a good reason for it. Companies have realized that there’s a potential when it comes to partnering up with businesses sharing similar interests.

Are your clients constantly asking for a service you’re not able to provide them? At some point, you have to realize that there’s a missed opportunity here. On the other hand, you cannot offer a service if you don’t have qualified people to fulfill it. And that’s where a so-called white label service provider comes in: they handle the fulfillment while you simply deliver the service to your client.

But how do you find white label reseller programs and place your trust in the partner? To make your search easier, start with the eight best white label services below.

1. The HOTH

The HOTH logo
Resell HOTH services through your SPP client portal.

The HOTH is one of the biggest and most well-known resellers when it comes to SEO and content. Originally started in 2010, the founders realized that the market was plagued with service providers who were neither very professional nor provided any sort of support.

After continuously expanding the business with different services, this SEO reseller agency also offers their services for resellers. The best thing is that you can white-label HOTH with our module that directly integrates certain services, making reselling easier than ever. Simply import the HOTH services you want to resell, add your markup, and start selling with your very own client portal.

Key features

  • integrates with SPP

  • access to API to build automations

  • many services to choose from (SEO, content, PPC)

  • campaign dashboard & reporting

2. WordAgents

WordAgents white label reseller program

WordAgents was born in 2014 when the founder Vincent D'Eletto realized that there was a huge demand for search-optimized content. Compared to similar companies, WordAgents only works with American writers without outsourcing to other countries. If you choose to partner up with them, you can be sure to get content from native writers.

Reselling WordAgent’s services is easy thanks to their integration with our whitelabel program. All you need is an SPP and WordAgent account. Once both are connected, import the services and set your profit margin.

The per-word pricing starts at $0.07, but the more your clients order, the lower the pricing gets. Pricing is also lower for recurring subscriptions compared to one-time purchases.

Key features

  • integrates with Service Provider Pro

  • writers based in the United States

  • content production from eCommerce to blog posts

  • affordable bulk pricing options

3. 100 Pound Social

100 Pound Social white label reseller program

Many companies are looking to be more active on social media, but lack the time, resources and know-how to do so. That’s where 100 Pound Social comes in: thanks to their affordable prices (as the brand name suggests), any business is able to get unique content posted to their social media accounts.

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With the white label program, 100 Pound Social also targets companies that do not handle social media management, for instance content and SEO businesses. If you’re among those, and your clients keep asking you to manage their social media, you can start offering this service with the help of 100 Pound Social.

Key features

  • affordable social media management plans

  • dedicated account managers

  • detailed onboarding form

  • volume discounts

4. Vidpros

Vidpros white label reseller program

Michael Holmes started Vidpros, a business allowing clients to pay for a video editing subscription, in 2020 at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Within a short period of time, his team began to focus their efforts on fractional and white label video editing. Compared to other companies, there’s no unlimited video editing involved. Instead, there’s an hourly limit a video editor can work on projects. Those who need faster turnaround times can simply purchase additional services.

The white label program of Vidpros allows anyone to resell their services—perfect for social media marketing companies, or anyone else who has clients who want their video files edited.

Key features

  • integrates with SPP.co

  • dedicated video editor

  • fixed number of editing hours per day

  • purchase of faster turnaround time available

5. Ranked.ai

Ranked.ai white label reseller program

Ranked.ai is one of the newer white label businesses on the market, but one that has expanded their activities very quickly. Their goal is to change the SEO landscape, which has been plagued with spam over the past few years. Ranked.ai also wants to make SEO affordable, because small companies are struggling to compete against bigger ones with large budgets.

One of the main selling points of Ranked is their focus on white label resellers, having more than 250 agencies on board who rely on this service. Naturally, Ranked.ai uses SPP’s built-in module to make white label reselling easy and straightforward.

Key features

  • integrates with SPP

  • fairly priced SEO services

  • client portal customization

  • industry-leading reporting

6. DoFollow

DoFollow white label reseller program

Founded in 2018, DoFollow.io has grown to one of the most respected link building agencies on the market. Compared to similar companies, their focus is to build bespoke links that are perfectly tailored towards their client’s business activities. Instead of using outdated tactics, DoFollow builds links with relevancy and use-centricity in mind.

If you’re looking to offer your clients valuable links with an average DR of 70, DoFollow is the right partner. Connect your SPP workspace to theirs in order to offer your customers a simple, easy to use dashboard to place orders.

Key features

  • integrates with Service Provider Pro

  • DR70+ backlinks from respected sites

  • dedicated account manager

  • reporting in the client portal

7. Contentellect

Contentellect white label reseller program

Contentellect was launched in 2018 by a team of professionals who have successfully scaled multiple businesses. With this new venture, the goal was to help other businesses grow with the help of content and links. Compared to other service providers, most of the team is based out of South Africa, so they are all native English speakers.

Those looking to partner up with Contentellect are able to resell both their content writing services as well as the link building options. All partners receive a dedicated account manager and reporting in order to stay on top of their content and link building activities.

Key features

  • link building & content services

  • network of 100+ native English speakers

  • dedicated account manager

  • many add-on services available

8. Podblade

Podblade white label reseller program

We’ve talked to Podblade’s founder Rom Raviv in our case study about focusing heavily on resellers as opposed to competing with similar service providers. Originally, Podblade was a B2C podcast editing agency, but pivoted into partnering up with coaches and agencies offering marketing services instead.

Those looking to connect with Podblade can reach out to them and become an official partner who resells their services. Podblade relies on SPP’s whitelabel program in order to fulfill services in an efficient and straightforward manner.

Key features

  • integrates with SPP

  • hands-off is white-labeled podcast editing

  • setup of client portal

  • many add-on services

Grow with white label services

In this article, I’ve given you a list with the best white label providers you could choose as a reliable partner to grow your reseller business. Most of them use our own whitelabel program, so they are able to help you get set up, and start selling quickly.

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