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Last updated on August 15th, 2023

Which of These Productized Services Is Yours?

Key points

  1. Productized services can range from simple one-time tasks to ongoing monthly subscriptions.
  2. Some common examples of productized services include website design, social media management, and SEO optimization.
  3. By creating clear pricing and deliverables, productized services can help service-based businesses scale and generate more predictable revenue.

Not everyone is familiar with the productizing process, and not all productized services are made equal. You might even be running such a service without knowing the term itself.

Let’s take a closer look at the options at your disposal and how Service Provider Pro can help in each case. Go through the list and raise your hand if the description is relatable.

Full self-service

Your customers purchase from your website with minimal interaction pre-sale (similar to e-commerce or software products).

E-commerce stores can have hundreds of products in stock, but that ain’t you. You probably have a few different packages for the customer to choose from.


Chances are, you also have a proper sales page for your services, not a small product description page. And you understand that using a full-blown shopping cart is probably too much in that case.

How SPP helps fully productized agencies

Order forms. An order form is a standalone page where the customer can pick a service, enter their payment info, fill out any custom fields you require and pay you easily.

intuitive checkout thanks to SPP order form

Of course, your order forms can go as in-depth as necessary with multiple pages, if/then rules, different payment methods and so on. At the same time, we make them simple to set up with visual drag and drop editor and real-time preview.

One benefit of our form builder is how the changes you make in your fields are visible in real-time as you’re making them. You’ll have a few different options for the fields you can add to your forms as well. These include service, account information, payment options, and data fields.

You can also create rules to show and hide form fields based on a selected value, as seen here:

SPP order form rules settings

This example only shows the Upsell field if the customer selects the Gold Package. To see more of what our forms can do, feel free to check out our documentation.

As you can see, our forms give you options. And this makes them great for full self-service operations. 

Partial self-service

You have pricing on your website, but it’s high enough you can’t expect customers to sign up by themselves, and you probably need to talk to them on the phone to close the deal.

Do you go even further and actively prevent clients from signing up randomly? After all, you want to make sure they’re a good fit and can benefit from your services.

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The good news is – everything I said above still applies. You can create an order form and send the customer a follow-up email linking to the order form. But there are other ways as well…

How SPP helps in this use case

Two words: custom invoices. Invoicing is mainly used by traditional agencies, but it still works for productized agencies, especially if you do recurring services.

Invoicing in SPP is super easy. You pick from a list of services or type in your own line item. Select a customer account if they have an account.

issue an invoice manually in spp

When the invoice is created, you get a simple shareable payment link. Upon checkout, we automatically create a customer account and set up a subscription in Stripe for any monthly services.

The customer is signed in and has full access to your Client Portal where they can see their invoices, orders, messages, and reports.

Self-service at scale

You sell to other agencies who purchase many services at once, perhaps even in bulk, or through an API. Something similar to thehoth.com and fatjoe.com in SEO space.

The buyer from the agency is probably dealing with a bunch of orders, so they expect a better way to manage everything than digging through emails.


How SPP helps sell (and deliver) services at scale

This is where your SPP Client Portal comes in. It can be customized to fit your agency’s branding, and your clients can log in and easily order services in bulk.

Easy bulk orders: Customers can pick and choose a bunch of services from your services listing, hit “Checkout” and pay for all of them at once.

When providing project information for these orders, we provide spreadsheet inputs (for copying data from a spreadsheet), upload inputs (for uploading data), and allow copying data from any other order they’ve already made.

Account balance: If an agency using your services wants just one invoice per month, they can easily deposit any amount of money in their account and use it towards their purchases without charging their credit card each time.

Reseller Program: If you want to have resellers white labeling your service offerings, our Reseller Program makes it simple. Here’s a quick synopsis:

SPP reseller flow

Our reseller module fully automates the reselling process.

Each time one of your resellers receives an order for one of your white-labeled services, your system will receive an order for the corresponding service—this order includes the reseller’s billing details.

Customer communications are also automated, pushing project updates you send directly to the end-user, including their replies to you.

Your reseller will be able to view these messages in their own SPP account and follow up as needed.

Custom Services

You don’t have a pricing page, but the services you offer are still systematized and predictable. You DO want customers to reach out before giving them pricing.

How SPP helps you sell custom services

Using our built-in helpdesk module, you can handle general contact and support requests from your admin dashboard. This enables you to create a public contact form to gather information, including name, email, subject, and message fields, along with any custom questions you want to ask. It’s all customizable with the drag & drop form builder. Your quote forms can also be embedded in your HTML or WordPress website.

SPP helpdesk settings

Quickly create invoices and have your clients pay them through SPP.

Everything is in one place with SPP

Whether you sell through an order form, or through our reseller API, all your customer info, invoices, subscription payments, project fields, and order updates reside in one place. That way, your team has access to everything they need without having to switch between countless different systems.

As you can see, SPP targets some of the most significant pain points of productized services, crafting a better experience for your customers and a more streamlined way of delivering services for your team. We automate whenever necessary, and simplify processes to ensure managing every aspect of your service is as simple as possible.

At SPP, we’re helping our users customize and productize their services while maintaining customer satisfaction, resulting in millions of dollars in projects being completed each week, and we’ll do the same for you.

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Chris started Service Provider Pro back in 2014 as a way to help automate a video production agency he was running at the time. Being early to productized services, he was frustrated with having to piecemeal different tools and services and ended up building an all-in-one client portal platform for himself and a few friends. That eventually took off and now Chris helps agency owners scale through software and systems.

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