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Running Successful Affiliates & Resellers Programs With SPP

Whether you’re offering SEO, blog content, lead generation tactics for agencies, or other services, affiliates and resellers have the potential to make up a large chunk of your overall revenue.

So shouldn’t running successful affiliates and resellers programs be as easy as possible?

Service Provider Pro provides powerful tools for bringing on partners to promote and whitelabel your productized services. With this in mind, I’ll explain some of the specifics regarding our affiliate module and a brief overview of the reseller module.

Setting up your affiliate program

After enabling the SPP affiliate module, you’ll have a simple yet powerful referral program that adds a new section to your Client Panel where users can grab their unique affiliate link.

The nice part of having an affiliate program integrated in your billing system and Client Panel is that any user can become an affiliate (if you choose to allow it) without having to sign up and log in at a different place.

Affiliate links can redirect to any page on your website– it doesn’t have to be an order form hosted on SPP. This is because we tag a referral when they click your link, and read their cookie when they check out in SPP, regardless of what pages they’ve visited in between.

SPP Affiliate Module Settings

Any time someone creates an account or places an order through that affiliate link, the account is tagged with the seller’s affiliate id. This helps us calculate commissions even for customer’s future orders, if you want to offer that option to your affiliates.

Handling sales

You’ll choose the way affiliate approval works. If you prefer to streamline the process you can allow anyone to become an affiliate without approval, or you can vet potential affiliate partners first.

You’ll also get to choose whether sales are automatically approved (Automatically approve all sales) or if you’d prefer to review and approve sales manually (Choose which sales to approve).

When it comes time to payout commissions, you have the flexibility to pay how you see fit. Some agencies credit affiliate commissions as account balance, which the affiliate can use for service purchases. Others pay via PayPal, check or bank transfer.

Regardless of which method you choose, you’ll simply select the paid commissions and mark them as Paid in SPP.

It’s important your affiliates are aware of payment terms and this is where the Program description field comes in. It’s a free-form text field which lets you describe how your affiliate program works, what the terms are, and how to get paid. You can also add links to any pre-made promotional materials you have.

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Reseller program

If you partner up with other agencies they may want to re-sell your services instead of being affiliates. Historically somebody from their team would act as a middle-man between the customer and your team, causing delays and confusion along the way.

Our reseller module helps fully automate this process.

Any time a reseller gets an order for one of your white-labeled services, an order for the corresponding service is placed in your system with the reseller’s billing details.

We also automate customer communications: project updates you send go directly to the end user, and their replies– to you. The reseller can see all these messages in their own SPP account, and follow up where necessary.

SPP reseller flow

The goal of our reseller module is to offer a one-click integration for bulk resellers who want to automate their order process with you.

As you can see, running successful affiliates and resellers programs is simple with SPP. We’re helping our users recruit and manage affiliates and resellers, resulting in millions of dollars in sales each month, and we’ll do the same for you.

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