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Last updated on May 1st, 2023

The Best White Label Video Editor: Tools & Services You Can Use

If you run a video marketing agency, sooner or later, you might need a bit of help to scale it. That’s where a video editing subscription service comes into play: it can help you focus on client acquisition and management, creative work, video creation, and customer service. At the same time, the complex technical work is taken over by a third-party professional.

What are the best white label video editors, though?

In this article, I’ll take a closer look at white label video editing tools and services for every use case in order to skyrocket your content production—and ensure your agency delivers nothing but absolute quality.

Top 3 white label video editing tools

Video editing tools allow you to produce high-quality videos quickly and easily. The best thing about a white label solution for digital agencies is that it allows you to present it to your customers as if it were your own. This means that you can create a cohesive brand experience which makes you stand out from the competition.

Here are the top 3 most popular white label video editing tools to consider.


Viddyoze white label video editor

Viddyoze is a premier white label video editing software that’s designed to help you create high-end motion graphics, animations, and live-action videos in minutes. The tool allows you to add studio effects to fully-fledged videos, create and edit videos people stay engaged with, overlay social animations on your videos for an organic look, and animate your videos professionally.

Furthermore, Viddyoze has a white label version for resellers and agencies who want to work with a professional video editing tool that doesn’t disappoint. Their white label version enables you to make Viddyoze look like it’s hosted on your domain, featuring your colors and logo.


Pricing for Viddyoze is quite straightforward: They have an Individual package that costs $97 (as a lifetime plan) and allows you to create up to 30 renders per month. They also have a Commercial package that costs $127 (also as a lifetime plan) and provides you with access to more advanced features, like templates, fonts, and image editing. All packages come with a 30-day money-back-guarantee.


MakerMoon white label video editor

MakerMoon is another white label video editor that comes with a comprehensive suite of features specifically designed to help agencies. They target those who want to create professional-looking, engaging videos in a quick and efficient way. Besides a large selection of templates you can work with, it’s easy to create good-looking videos without being an advanced video editor.

MakerMoon offers a white label version for those who want to fully customize the video editor to their needs. This allows you to offer an amazing video editing experience to your clients without having to worry about branding discrepancies.


MakerMoon comes in two packages: Personal and Professional. The Personal version costs $69/year and the Professional one $119/year. The main differences between the two are the reseller license and the multiple seats (both of which are available on Professional, but not on Personal).


Vidds white label video editor

Vidds is another great choice when it comes to white label video editing. It offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly get the hang of video editing and create gorgeous videos within minutes. The software also comes with numerous features, like templates for different types of videos: social media, YouTube, email marketing, employer branding, and more.

Furthermore, Vidds offers a white label version for agencies who want to use the software and market it as their own. What’s unique about their white label option is that you can choose to integrate it as an entire platform (with a dashboard your clients can access) or as a video editor-only tool.


Vidds has three pricing packages: Free ($0), Basic ($15/month), and Business ($25/month). The differences between plans consist of how many downloads you have access to, storage, AI templates, and projects you can create.

Top 3 white label video editing agencies

If you’d rather outsource your video editing needs to another agency (by white labeling their services), then you’ll be happy to know there are many good options.

Here are the top 3 white label video editing agencies you should consider.


Vidpros white label video editor

Vidpros is a white label video editing agency focused on being your fractional video editors. In other words, their editors are not available on an unlimited basis. Instead, they work on a project-by-project basis. This enables you to partner up with service providers who understand your requirements (and those of your clients). 

Vidpros services can be resold, which means you can white label them as if they are your own. They also have a team of experienced editors who can create stunning videos for any purpose, including long-form videos and social videos.


Vidpros have two pricing packages: the lowest-tiered one (Vidpro) costs $700/month and gives you access to a dedicated editor who works for you for two hours per day, with an overnight turnaround. The highest pricing tier (Agency) is a quote-based one, which means you will have to contact their sales department to learn more and get a customized offer. White label capabilities are available on the Agency plan, and are powered by Service Provider Pro.

NextThought Studios

NextThought Studios white label video editor

NextThought Studios is a white label video production agency that specializes in creating high-quality, custom videos for companies and organizations. They offer everything from on-location production, to post-production, and more. Their focus lies more on corporate video production, documentaries, and other advanced types of videos.

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NextThought Studios offers white label services (which includes their expertise and state-of-the-art equipment) all for great margins for your agency.


Pricing for NextThought Studios is not publicly available, so you will have to contact them to get a customized quote for your specific needs.


Animotion white label video editor

Animotion is a professional video production and editing agency that helps businesses create explainer videos, whiteboard videos, brand videos and app promo videos. Furthermore, they can also help with video strategy and video auditing services. Their white label services are meant to help agencies expand their offering, scale their business, and ensure they have a competitive edge.


Animotion pricing is not available on their site, but you can contact them to get a free quote based on your specific business needs.


All the white label video editing services featured in this article can help you save time, money, and resources. Not only that, but they can also help you expand your offering for your clients and make sure you stand out from the competition. All of these services have different features, pricing packages, and capabilities. Make sure to analyze your specific business needs before you decide which one best suits them.

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