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Secure file sharing, collaboration, and client portal access for your brand.

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2-factor authentication
Access the portal via secure logins as admin or client.
Security audits
Periodic tests by an ISO 27001 certified auditing company.
Data encryption
Databases and sensitive information are encrypted.

Securely and easily grow your business

Give your customers the ability to share important documents, and safely store them in cloud storage.

Service Provider Pro allows you to provide an unlimited number of clients with secure access via a username and password. Customize the client portal software to give your team access strictly to crucial information, protecting your client’s data; and streamline your operations while keeping your productivity high.

SSL secure connection for client portal

SSL secure connection

We automatically issue an SSL certificate if you decide to add a custom domain to your client portal solution.

The tool these guys have built is fantastic. It solves all the problems we have and is reasonably priced.
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Mark Whitman
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How it works

Redundancy & isolated databases

Our infrastructure has multiple layers of redundancy to ensure a high uptime. Customer databases are separated to reduce the chance of data leaks.

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Secure Client Portal FAQ

What is a secure client portal?

A secure client access portal allows customers to securely log into a website that is hidden behind a login, which usually requires them to enter an email address and password.

Is a client portal safe?
Client portals such as Service Provider Pro have established many security measures to offer clients a secure tool. Besides a simple email and password based login, an additional 2-factor authentication provides even more security.
How do I create a secure online portal?
Cloud-based online portals can be easily set up by creating an account, and using the settings screens. As an extra security measure, ask your clients to choose a strong password when creating a login, and to use 2-factor authentication.
How do I make an online portal secure?
Always use the existing features of the client portal when you share files instead of uploading them to third party servers. Also ask customers to set up 2-factor authentication to protect their client accounts.
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