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Last updated on September 19th, 2023

6 SEO Reseller Services to Grow Your Business

Building an SEO agency is not an easy task. You spent hours on competitor research, define a pricing strategy, hire talent, and finally try to find clients. But much of running an agency is a trial and error process. Some services work, others don’t. And what if a client needs a service you’re not offering?

This is where SEO reseller services come into play. Instead of offering the SEO service yourself and investing money in SEO reporting tools and other software, you partner up with a company, and simply resell their services. The advantage for you is that you don’t need to hire someone to complete this job, and therefore there’s no risk in spending money on something that doesn’t offer much in return.

Which companies offer white label SEO services, though, and which ones are a good fit for your business? I’ve created a list with a few companies that have an SEO reseller program you can make use of.


The HOTH logo
Resell HOTH services through your SPP client portal.

The HOTH is a major player in the SEO space, and one that focuses heavily on reselling. This is one of the reasons we offer an integration that allows you to resell certain services through your SPP client portal. While our module focuses on content services, The HOTH also offers other opportunities when it comes to reselling, for instance link building, reputation management, and many more digital marketing services.

A big advantage of this company is that it was practically built for reselling. You have white-labeled reports that you can share with clients, sales materials, and even guides that help you get started with your SEO work. Plus, you’ll be able to manage everything from a single dashboard in your HOTH account.

The biggest downside of reselling SEO services via The HOTH is that you don’t have a lot of control over the outcome. There’s no dedicated account manager who can help you with your SEO reselling. Instead, you simply handle everything yourself.


The HOTH offers many different services that are split into the following categories:

  1. Managed SEO, such as SEO and PPC

  2. Content creation, for instance blog content

  3. Link building, such as press releases

  4. Local SEO, for example reputation management


Prices depend on the service ordered: link building is available at $150 per written guest post (500 words) while link insertions start from $200.


Contentellect SEO reseller services

Contentellect offers white label SEO reseller services focusing explicitly on what they do best: links and content. The benefit of the services for agencies this company offers is that they are backed by an account manager as opposed to The HOTH. Every delivery has to meet your individual standards and guidelines.

Compared to other SEO content agencies, Contentellect is focusing heavily on B2B. More than 65 agencies rely on the company for their outsourced services, be that content production or link building.

In the back-end, Contentellect is running on Service Provider Pro, makes use of its SEO intake forms, and many other features that helped them grow their business.


Contentellect focuses on two different categories for those looking to outsource SEO:

  1. Content for blogs

  2. Link building in the form of inserts and guest posts


Content pricing starts at only 7 cents per word. Additional services can be added, for instance optimizations via SurferSEO, image sourcing, or formatting and publishing.

SEO Brothers

SEO Brothers SEO reseller services

SEO Brothers offers white label services to agencies and web designers. Compared to other companies, the company sets itself apart by having both a self-managed option as well as a partnership model that includes a full strategy.

What sets SEO Brothers apart is their focus on a discovery session. During the session, you can find out if both parties are a good fit, what SEO Brothers offers, opportunities, and a walk-through of the system and processes.

The core campaign of SEO Brothers is built around multiple components, such as keyword research, on-page SEO optimizations, technical SEO improvements, link acquisition, and reporting. For those not looking to go all-in, the company also provides one-time services, including redesigning websites and link building.

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SEO Brothers puts a heavy emphasis on the entire SEO journey:

  1. content creation

  2. link acquisition

  3. on-page optimization

  4. website redesign

  5. and more


The pricing isn’t public, so you’ll have to reach out to their team and book a strategy session to find out more information if you want to become an SEO partner.


Loganix SEO reseller services

Loganix is one of the oldest professional SEO agencies that’s been in business for over a decade. As the rest of our list, they help countless agencies deliver results more efficiently (and cheaper) via their white label SEO reseller program.

The great thing about Loganix’ offer is that the reseller packages include everything, from the SEO strategy to optimization, ongoing content production and link building. Their partners can essentially sell a full managed package that requires almost no time commitment on their end as opposed to à la carte services other companies offer.

Loganix is also very hands-on, meaning that they make the required changes themselves as long as they have the necessary access to the platforms.


Loganix offers fully managed reseller SEO services that include:

  1. keyword research & optimization

  2. content writing

  3. link building

  4. reporting

  5. and more


While the pricing isn’t public, Loganix offers month-to-month packages and offers a volume discount if the monthly spend exceeds $2,000. SEO reseller services is an SEO provider that has been in business since 2010. As the other SEO firms, they focus heavily on forming B2B partnerships instead of lead generation.

As one of the leading white-label SEO companies, knows how to help agencies scale, namely by taking on the work that needs to be done behind the scene. This allows agencies to focus on more important aspects of their business, such as focusing on tasks that grow their company.

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As the other companies listed in this blog post, quality is of utmost importance. only works with quality publications and employs a dedicated team that is able to create topically-relevant content. Plus, everything produced by this company is backed by detailed reporting thanks to dedicated SEO software for agencies being used.


Services offers their partners both full SEO packages as well as single-service options:

  1. SEO & backlink audits

  2. competitive analysis

  3. keyword research

  4. content production

  5. on-site fixes

  6. PPC audits

  7. link building


While doesn’t have a pricing page, you can sign up for their client portal and get more details once logged in.

Outreach Monks

Outreach Monks SEO reseller services

Outreach Monks targets other SEO agencies who are looking to sell SEO services to their own clients. This can be a great solution when an agency’s resources are almost exhausted, but they don’t want to delay ongoing projects. Outreach Monks can also be the partner for agencies looking to grow their business, but who are not looking to hire new talent before they get more recurring clients.

As the other companies in this list, Outreach Monks has fully managed white label SEO programs, as well as packages for link building, local SEO, and blogger outreach. Therefore, every agency can decide what kind of SEO services they want to outsource.

One thing that sets Outreach Monks apart is that they can provide backlink for niches other agencies can not, such as casino and cannabis.



Outreach Monks provides both fully managed SEO fulfillment services as well as service-specific packages:

  1. managed SEO

  2. link building

  3. local SEO

  4. blogger outreach


Outreach Monk doesn’t have public pricing, but they do mention that they provide credits for agencies ordering in bulk.

SEO reseller services FAQ

What are SEO reseller services?

SEO reseller services have been specifically designed to be resold by partners, usually other agencies, or consultants. Those are interested in offering new services but don’t want to hire talent to fulfil the services as it poses a business risk.

What are the benefits of SEO reseller services?

What are the benefits of SEO reseller services?

The main benefits of SEO reseller services is that the provider doesn’t have to spend money or time on finding new clients. Instead, they partner up with like-minded businesses who bring their own clients to them.

Tap into the best SEO reseller programs

There are many companies that offer SEO reseller packages. At first, you might think that they look similar, but once you dig deeper, you notice that the devil is in the details.


This list will hopefully make it easier for your marketing agency to offer SEO services without having to hire an SEO expert for the job. Instead, you can rely on an established SEO company’s services to get the job done.

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