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6 SEO Content Writing Services You Should Make Use Of

Are you wondering how to start a content creation company or do you simply want to let a different company handle your content writing needs? If so, here are eight SEO content writing services to inspire you.

Running an agency, or any business for that matter, isn’t easy these days. You’re spending time and effort to come up with an SEO strategy, but then you lack the time or expertise to write blog posts. The solution: hiring an agency that employs professional writers who can produce the best SEO content.

Where do you start your research, though, and how do you know if an agency produces high-quality content? I’ve put together a list with the best SEO content writing services so you can test them out.

What is SEO content writing services?

These types of service providers are usually content marketing agencies who focus on crafting SEO friendly content. Their services are usually offered in the form of blog writing, but it can also be copywriting for lead generation or landing pages.

The goal is to create compelling content that answers the user’s search intent, hooks them on the topic, educates them, and keeps them for a long time on the page. Combined with other resources, such as explainer videos, or interactive content, SEO content is one of many pillars that make content great these days.

What to consider when choosing an SEO content agency

Many companies are offering SEO writing services, but not all of them can deliver quality content. If you’ve done your research and come up with a superb content marketing strategy, you do need optimized content that targets your ideal customer, is nicely formatted, grammatically correct, and useful.

Of course, you could hire freelancers, or train someone in-house. Both require a lot of trial and error that you might not have the time for. Which brings us to hiring a content writing agency that is experienced in delivering website content that not only search engines love, but also readers.

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In order to achieve that, the agency should:

  • follow SEO best practices

  • be able to write engaging content for your niche

  • have a team of professional SEO experts

  • hire writers that can follow guidelines

I’ve done the research for you so you don’t have to. Check out the companies offering SEO article writing so you can fulfil your content needs as soon as possible.

1. SEO content agency

Ranked’s slogan is that they make SEO simple and affordable, with pricing plans starting at $99 per month. Despite the low entry price, their article writing service is being used by large companies such as Logitech, BigCommerce and Holiday Inn.

If you’re not sure which monthly recurring subscription is for you, then makes it easy. There are only three options to choose from, depending on your budget and number of keywords you want to target.

Those looking to stay up-to-date with the web content produced can review the results after logging into Ranked’s client portal. They use AgencyAnalytics to generate reports for each client so they can see exactly how each piece of content improves their ranking.

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  1. Standard at $99/mo

    1. 25 keywords

    2. 1 blog post per week

  2. Plus at $198/mo

    1. 50 keywords

    2. 2 blog posts per week

  3. Enterprise at $349/mo

    1. 100 keywords

    2. 4 blog posts per week

All plans include on-page optimization and link building.


2. WordAgents

WordAgents SEO content writing services

WordAgents is one of the oldest companies that produce SEO friendly articles based on the content brief you submit. Some of their clients include big brands such as Toptal, Authority Hacker, and Digital Trends.

Similar to other content services, WordAgents focuses on a recurring subscription model. Clients can choose from different word packages that are added to their account. Later, they’re able to redeem them for SEO articles.

One thing that sets this company apart is that they have a plan called Essential that uses AI for content optimization. Those who prefer a human touch can opt for the Elite plan instead.


  1. Essential starting from $590/mo

    1. AI-augmented SEO content

  2. Elite starting from $890/mo

    1. handpicked writers

    2. priority support

  3. Enterprise (custom)

    1. premium writers

    2. dedicated support

    3. custom services

Add-ons such as WordPress publishing and image sourcing are available.

3. Contentellect

Contentellect SEO content agency

Contentellect started out as a company that focused on writing compelling content, but has evolved into one that focuses on two things: quality SEO content and links. The team of expert writers doesn’t just create blog content, but also e-books and product descriptions.

Compared to other companies, at Contentellect you don’t have to subscribe to any recurring plans. You can simply opt for the pay-as-you-go option. Those who do want a more hands-off approach can get a recurring package that includes editing, a dedicated manager, revisions, and more.

What sets Contentellect apart is that they use native English writers who have been trained to ensure your content is the best it can be.


  1. monthly blog posts from $950/mo

    1. account manager included

    2. unlimited revisions

  2. pay-as-you-go blog posts from $0.10/word

    1. professional copy

    2. on-page SEO

    3. editing and proofreading

  3. bulk content from $0.085/word

    1. packages from 20,000 words

    2. dedicated account manager

You can choose from optional services, such as the creation of a content strategy, keyword research, and publishing to your CMS.

4. SEO content writing services positions itself as a premium content partner that offers recurring and one-time SEO copywriting. Depending on your needs, you can even customize your plan and choose different word count volumes.

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One big advantage of the recurring subscriptions are the discounts offered; plus, there’s an additional 5% discount for monthly word balances of over 5,000. Their one-time services provide a good way to test if they can deliver professional SEO content for your industry.

The major differentiator of this company is the fact that they offer many types of content, from blog posts to digital courses and press releases.


  1. one-time blog posts for $175 per 500 words

    1. ideal for newsletters and other short copy

  2. recurring packages with discounts

    1. 10% discount if paid monthly

    2. 30% discount if paid quarterly

    3. additional 5% discount for word packages of 5,000 or more

Add-on services are also available, namely for custom graphics, CMS entry, and image sourcing.

5. MyContentPal

MyContentPal SEO content agency

MyContentPal aims to be your best buddy when it comes to all your content needs. As opposed to other services, they don’t offer any discounts for bulk one-time purchases. Instead, you can simply purchase as much content as you need for a base price of $0.10 per word. However, discounts are available for recurring subscriptions.

The company focuses on two business types, those looking to grow with SEO and content, and those who want to start a new business. For the latter, the focus lies on affiliate sites, that are built and grown for the client. Everyone else can order content, but also let MyContentPal do keyword research and manage the entire SEO strategy.


  1. one-time blog posts for $0.10 per word

    1. written by native English speakers

    2. in-house editing included

    3. optimized with SurferSEO

  2. recurring packages with discounts

    1. $0.08 per word for packages with at least 20,000 words

    2. $0.06 per word for contractual agreements

Every month, subscribers to one of the services get bonus content for free.


CONTENTAMIGO SEO content writing services

Those looking for content that ranks, especially for local businesses, should check out CONTENTAMIGO. The company doesn’t just write great content for your blog, but also creates location and service-area pages for businesses that need to find leads in their area.

In order to write informative content, the team at CONTENTAMIGO does their own topic research, writes the content, optimizes it with Clearscope, and finally runs plagiarism and AI checks. For those who have their own writers, this company can also do the research, and create content briefs you can pass on to your writers.


  1. Great content from $75 per 500 words:

    1. keyword intent & SERP analysis

    2. content brief & topic research

  2. Next-level content from $150 per 500 words:

    1. SEO recommendations

    2. optimized with Clearscope

    3. AI check

    4. and more

CONTENTAMIGO doesn’t have any add-ons, instead, content services are tiered based on the knowledge of the writer.

SEO content writing services FAQ

What is the best SEO content writing company?

It’s hard to decide on the best SEO content writing company, as most focus on specific niches or have different strengths. If you’re looking to grow fast and cheap, is a good choice; WordAgents has great support; Contentellect assigns managers that take care of you.

Do SEO agencies write content?

Besides SEO services, these companies can also have content writing services in their portfolio, but that’s not always the case. Some focus on other aspects of search engine optimization, such as content marketing and link building.

Is SEO necessary for content writing?

Some content writers are well-versed with SEO best practices. They are able to do their own keyword research, analyze search results pages, and make their own decisions on how to write content for SEO.

What does an SEO content writer do?

Some content writers are well-versed with SEO best practices. They are able to do their own keyword research, analyze search results pages, and make their own decisions on how to write content for SEO.

Do writers need to know SEO?

Every writer should have a basic understanding of SEO in order to be able to follow content briefs, and make educated decisions when it comes to writing.

Does SEO content need editing?

Editorial SEO services should involve a professional editor who edits every piece. While many SEO content providers also offer editing, some companies prefer to outsource editing to another company, such as the editing service EditorNinja who has edited millions of words of SEO content.

How much is an SEO content writing service?

Prices can vary drastically, but start as low as $99 per month for a simple blog post per week. Expert-written content can cost hundreds of dollars per content piece.

Closing thoughts

If you’re looking for high quality content without having to hire writers yourself, the six content writing companies mentioned in this post should be a great place to start. The content you’ll receive will help you build authority, help your existing clients, and bring in new leads to grow your agency.

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