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Why Your Agency Should Have a Client Portal

Having a self-service Client Portal for your agency gives you tremendous time savings and flexibility.

No wonder many agencies want to create a self-service Client Portal for their productized service offerings. In the past, that meant shelling out money for custom development or trying to piece together multiple different pieces of software.

At Service Provider Pro, we understand the time-intensive nature of selling services. That’s why we sought out to make things easy for you and provide a Client Portal that works out of the box and is still very much customizable to match your unique needs.

It’s so powerful we’ve had agencies switch from custom-built client dashboards to SPP, even after having spent $80k in development costs.

In this article, we’ll discuss our Client Portal and all that it offers to busy business owners and customers.

1. One place for everything

When we’re talking about having customer information, invoices and messages scattered across multiple platforms it’s not just inconvenient for you as the agency owner. It’s also a hassle for your customers and clients.

One of the biggest benefits of having a self-service Client Portal for your agency is your clients can easily see the status of all their orders, download reports and invoices, all without having to email you.

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Let’s go through some of the sections available in your SPP dashboard, although many more could be added depending on your needs.

2. Easy way to send requests and receive order updates

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The Orders tab shows the orders the client has made. Your customers can see the services purchased, when their orders were paid for, and their statuses.

When they open an order they can instantly see the information they have provided to you about that order, and all the messages relating to the order – it’s all just a click away.

3. Real-time reporting for your customers

If you offer services such as SEO, you can connect multiple rank tracking services to show your customers how well their website is ranking, all in real time.

For any kind of advertising services, you can build custom reports in Google Data Studio and embed them in your Portal for a specific customer. Any report with a link can be embedded in your client portal.

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4. Your own referral program

Word of mouth is huge for service agencies, and having an Affiliates section where your customers are encouraged to promote your services really kicks referrals into high gear.

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The affiliates module which comes standard with SPP is very flexible and lets you choose how you want customers to be compensated– whether it’s through PayPal, Check, Bank Wire or store credit.

Speaking of store credit, that brings us to a very powerful feature for anyone handling large agency type customers…

5. Streamlined billing with account balance

If you’re servicing large agencies as a white-label provider, they probably don’t want to have a separate transaction for every little purchase they make from you.

With SPP you get an easy deposit system in your Client Portal which means agencies can deposit any amount into their account and use their account balance towards future purchases. I’m sure you know that easier checkout = more sales.

Saved payment methods

Any time a customer purchases from you through Stripe, we save their details making it easy for them to place additional orders with one click.

Additionally, users can manage their payment methods with you directly from your Client Portal.

Downloading past invoices

Have you ever had a client come back weeks later and ask for an invoice for accounting? Now they can download all their invoices directly from your Client Portal. They’re created automatically for all payments you receive via SPP.

6. Make it easy to buy your services

In our experience, the biggest benefit of having a Client Portal for your agency is it works for all kinds of services. Let’s look at some examples.

Service database layout

If you offer any kind of guest posting services with hundreds of different properties, you can show them all in your Client Portal in a nice searchable database.

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Bulk order forms

These are custom order forms for bulk orders, which let the buyer copy data from a spreadsheet and place orders in bulk. The best part is– you can include any order form in your Client Portal.

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Same order form, different layouts. See it in action here.

Any service type

This is the standard way to show your services in your Client Portal. You can group your services into folders, add your images and descriptions to help organize what you’re selling.

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Up-to-date customer profiles

Another useful part of the Client Portal is the customer’s profile page where they can update their details, billing info, and fill out any custom CRM fields you’ve created.

7. You don’t have to build all this yourself

Imagine how expensive, time-consuming, and frankly unreliable it would be to build all this yourself with off the shelf tools that weren’t made for selling services?

It’s not just a member’s area, but invoicing, messaging, CRM, project management and affiliate software you’d have to put together to make something similar.

It’s all ready to go for you in SPP, out of the box. And your Client Portal is fully customizable (not in a hacky way like WordPress). You can edit the HTML of underlying templates, add your own CSS styling, tracking codes and more.

We’re helping our users make more sales, deliver more services and keep their customers happier with millions of dollars in services being sold each month.

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