Setting Up Your Referral Program

The affiliate module adds a simple referral program to SPP. Once enabled, users will see a new section in the client panel where they can grab their unique referral link.

When somebody creates an account or places an order through that link, their account is tagged with the affiliate id.

How the commission is calculated depends on your settings:


With SPP commission payouts are completely flexible. Whether you pay via PayPal or check, all you need to do is mark those commissions as Paid in SPP.

Program description

The affiliate module provides a HTML supported field where you can describe your affiliate program in detail – from the commission levels you offer to when and how you handle payouts.

Note that SPP calculates commissions once per day, so they will not show up in the dashboard instantly.

Custom affiliate links

To redirect affiliate links somewhere other than your configured URL, you can add a custom parameter to the referral link.

Here’s how:

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