Choosing What You’re Notified About

Here are the different types of email notifications SPP sends, and how you can enable/disable them.

Payment notifications

The first type of notification SPP sends is payment notifications. These are sent when you receive a payment, and when a subscription is canceled. By default these are sent to admins, however you can add or remove these notifications by editing your role.

Order updates

SPP also sends notifications about order updates. To receive these notifications you need to be

a) following an order OR
b) @mentioned by another team member

Order updates include subscription related emails as well. For example, when there’s a cancellation or a refund, team members responsible for the order know they don’t need to deliver it anymore.

Following / Unfollowing orders

The default behavior for team accounts is to follow updates in all orders they have access to. Users can change that from their profile settings by clicking on their name at the top right.

The other option you can choose here is whether you want to be notified of outgoing client messages. This can be useful if you want to see how your team is interacting with the customer, while disabling this function can clean up your inbox.

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