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Editing Notification Emails

You can fully customize the email notifications that SPP sends to your clients and your team. Go to Settings > Email and you’ll see a full list of emails along with a description of each one.



Click on any email to preview or change it. Change the subject line, the body text or the template.

There are two templates you can choose from: a simple text-based email or a pretty email design with your logo.



To edit the HTML code of your emails directly, simply switch to the code view in the text editor.

You can also personalize email notifications with variables for things like user’s first name, order number and many others.

After making your changes save the template and preview it in your browser, or send a test email to yourself. And in case anything goes wrong you can always reset a template to default by clicking the reset button.

To make further design changes to any of the templates go to Settings > Templates. You’ll see the email templates inside the email folder. Click on any template and use the template editor to customize it.

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