Custom Client Statuses

Accounts in your workspace can have different statuses. The default statuses are Contact, Lead, Client, Client Team:


You can rename these default statuses or add new custom statuses. These are useful for showing what stage a person is at in your sales funnel.

CRM Fields

In SPP, you can create custom CRM fields for storing internal information and extending customer profiles. You can set up these fields in your SPP settings → CRM Fields as shown below:

SPP CRM field builder

Drag and drop the fields you’d like to add to your client profiles, then click on them to edit field options.

These fields will be visible to your team when editing client accounts. You can then use the value of the field to show or hide some content in your Client Panel, or embed a report using the template editor.

You can also show important information stored in CRM fields on orders and tickets for your team to have quick access to them by checking the Important checkbox:

show CRM field in tickets & orders

Unlike Intake forms which are typically submitted when starting an order, user-editable CRM fields can be updated in client’s profile as needed. This is useful if you need to collect some general information about your customer without having to ask for it in every order.