Client Onboarding

Our onboarding page template gives you a place to show your clients how to use the portal and give them any other information or updates from your company.

SPP client onboarding page

To enable this onboarding template, simply navigate to Settings → Menus → Add Link and set up a sidebar item that directs to /portal/onboarding:

SPP onboarding menu option

Alternatively you can choose to reset your menu to the default which now will include this page.

Editing Your Onboarding Page

To edit this page, navigate to Settings → Templates → Clients → onboarding.html and make the necessary changes to the template. 

You’re also able to also go to your dashboard template and copy over any elements into the onboarding page. 

If you’d like to completely replace the default dashboard with this onboarding page, make sure you move over all the elements you’d like from onboarding directly into the dashboard template. Now, the default sidebar item “Dashboard” will display the onboarding page you set up.

Note: You’re able to edit these templates without restrictions, regardless of which plan you’re on.