The helpdesk module is available from the Basic plan and above. There are three ways to use the helpdesk module.

Client Portal → New Ticket

Logged in users can create tickets from your portal using a default form:

SPP add ticket

If this form does not meet your needs you can replace it with a more flexible contact form.

Contact Forms

You can use the contact form builder to create shareable contact forms. You can share the form link on your website (example), add it to your client portal's sidebar, or embed it in any page (example).

SPP request a quote contact form example

Support inbox

Forward support@[your company] email inbox to SPP and convert incoming email requests into tickets which your team can answer.

This is a scaleable way to provide support, that still feels like a personal 1-on-1 email conversation to your customers. Best of all, your team can see full context of user's past orders and tickets with you.