How to Use the Built-In Helpdesk

The helpdesk module is enabled by default and allows logged-in users to submit tickets and support requests from the help menu in your Client Portal’s top navigation bar (how-to edit this menu item).

This covers your existing users but you probably have requests from new customers as well. You can handle these by creating a contact form from the Helpdesk module.

The process is exactly the same as creating an order form, except without payment related fields. The minimum required fields are email and message, although you can add as many custom fields as needed.

Here’s an example form for a quote request.

You can link to the contact form or embed it on your website using the provided HTML embed code. This type of embed is super flexible because it allows you to apply your own styles to it and make the form match your existing website.

Here’s our contact form as an example.

Tickets from support email

As a Basic or Pro subscriber, you can forward support@[your company] email inbox to SPP and have tickets created from the incoming emails.

This is a way to provide scaleable support, which still feels like a personal 1-on-1 email conversation to your customers.

Setting up an out of hours auto-reply

Using SPP, you’re able to set up an auto-response that would be sent out to your clients if they reach out to you via a ticket or order while you’re offline. To do this, navigate to Settings > Messages and set up auto-reply to match your work hours as well as modify the message template:

If you’re going offline for a vacation, simply uncheck business days and set the time to be from 12 am to 12 am, this will send an auto-response to anyone who reaches out while you’re on vacation.

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